Choose Reg

dellie said:
After phase 1,2 training are you able to choose which Reg you are able to go to.

For exemple I want to go to 5 Reg RA. whats my chances? :)
I don't think you can choose.. depends on job.. availability etc.. although I BELIEVE you can apply for a transfer.

Am I right? I hope so :lol:
I came here expecting to read an approving post about Reg Vardy, one of the top motor retailers in the UK, and all I found was this.

...Imagine my dissappointment.
Well mate, if you choose 5th regt you are more than likely to get in. Im in 5th Regt RA so leave me your full details and ill try and get you a recommendation within the Regiment.

If you want to go on operational Tour's 5th Regt RA is the best regiment in the royal artillery to go for.

What do you want to work on in 5th Regt RA: COBRA/MAMBA, ASP/LCMR?

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