Choose Rafale says former Red Arrows team leader !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. Rafale beats F-35 & F-22 in Flight International

    Flight International test pilot -- and former Red Arrows team leader -- Peter Collins (above right) gives the Dassault Rafale a ringing endorsement in this week's magazine. "If I had to go into combat, on any mission, against anyone, I would, without question, choose the Rafale," Collins concludes in his six-page flight test report published in our Dubai Air Show preview issue.

    FLIGHT TEST: Dassault Rafale - Rampant Rafale

    By Peter Collins

    Most advanced Allied air forces now have operational fleets of fourth-generation fighters (defined by attributes such as being fly-by-wire, highly unstable, highly agile, net-centric, multi-weapon and multi-role assets).
    These Western types include the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon and Saab Gripen NG. The Boeing F-15E and Lockheed Martin F-16 have an older heritage, but their latest upgrades give them similar multi-role mission capabilities. Of the above group, only the Super Hornet and Rafale M are capable of aircraft-carrier operations.
    As these fourth-generation fighters' weapons, sensor systems and net-centric capabilities mature, the likelihood of export orders for such an operationally proven package becomes much more realistic.


    On behalf of Flight International, I became the first UK test pilot to evaluate the Rafale in its current F3 production standard, applicable to aircraft for both French air force and French navy frontline squadrons.

    More at:

    The end of the article:

    "The classic definitions of aircraft combat roles really do not do justice to this aircraft; the Rafale is Europe's force-multiplying "war-fighter" par excellence. It is simply the best and most complete combat aircraft that I have ever flown. Its operational deployments speak for themselves. If I had to go into combat, on any mission, against anyone, I would, without question, choose the Rafale."

    That's something I was not expecting....

  2. Is this the same bloke that may be a paid consultant for Dassault? :?: :D
  3. That's who he is:
    Given his extensive experience of both military and civil aerospace operations, during which he has accumulated over 6,600 flying hours in some 68 types of aircraft, this should not prove problematic.During his RAF career Collins rose to the rank of squadron leader, completing two frontline tours of duty flying Harriers in Germany and serving in the Falklands in 1982, flying Sea Harriers while on detachment with the navy on Illustrious.

    Following two years as a pilot and later team leader with the Red Arrows, in 1989 he qualified as an experimental military test pilot and was appointed Officer Commanding of the Aerospace Research Test Squadron at DRA Bedford where he worked on the Joint Strike Fighter.In 1993 Collins opted out of the military, moving to Fokker where he worked on the F60 and F70.

    I suppose one can say he knows what he is talking about.
  4. I'm not going to doubt his knowledge or abilities, and I'd suggest that the Rafale definitely beats the F-35, if only by virtue of actually being in production. Has he flown the Typhoon?
  5. Regardless of who he works for, or what aeroplane he prefers...why do we have to buy foreign? Why can't we make our own domestic designed and built world-class fighter?
  6. It would seem that we suck.
  7. Because it would cost 6 times the price of an off the shelf fighter, it would be 12 years late and would break within 20 minutes of the pilot touching the thing.............although on the plus side a few people would be quiet a bit richer from BAE bribes.
  8. Reading the article he says that it's advantage in future export competitions is that it carrier capable - how many countries are looking for carrier borne aircraft?

    Still put my money on a doesn't say anywhere that he has flown one

  9. hey RedCoat , look up the Avro Arrow , see where it gets you
  10. I think current fighter developement costs are pretty prohibitive for most countries,although the French do seem to have disproved that with Rafael.Typhoon seems to be a good ship in principle but if it takes another 5 years to get up to its full potential then that puts it even further behind.Airforces monthly last month was basically saying good plane,but on the face of it we will never have enough of them to fulfill UK air defence requirements and provide air-ground contributions as well.
  11. Brazil, for one, is looking for fighter for its aircraft carrier.

    And the name is RAFALE, as in burst, or gale, not Rafael as in israeli produced hardware...
  12. Correct spelling noted!
  14. What's interesting is that he worked on the JSF at the beginning of the program and he seems to have lost all faith in the so-called "5 th generation" fighters....Rafale does fly while all the F-35 has achieved so far is to virtually deprive the Royal Navy of its second carrier.

    And for what exactly ? Stealth ?
  15. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    There's lots of questions being asked regarding the F35's performance, not to mention it's cost.

    Quite suprised that he included the F22 though, gold plated design in all aspects though it appears production was more than problematic for more than half their fleet.

    It does read a bit like a Dassault fanboy article in places though as someone who has been there and done it you have to take it as it comes. Odd that no mention was made of the Eurofighter at all, it's possible he hasn't flown it.