Chokes, what am I doing??????

I have had a Miroku MK38 30inch Sporter with Teague Chokes for almost a year now, during that time I have had 1/2 choke in the top barrel and 1/4 in the bottom and I have used that configuration for every shot I have taken! I shot the other day with 3 lads who changed there chokes for every stand. Which choke is best for what scenario? As a fairly average shot do I need to worry that much? I have 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, full, skeet and cylinder. This isnt a waah fellas I genuinly am confused. Question on shot sizes to follow!!!!!!
I only change my chokes when firing at clays that are very close. I put in skeet, and cylinder. I assume that you are shooting sporting clays, not skeet?


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Does 1/2 & 1/4 work ok for you? If so then the best thing to do is stick with that.
Yes Im just shooting sporting and it seems to work for me. You just wonder if your scores would improve if you did what everyone else was doing!? I will stick with what i am doing I think.


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Now see, if you woz Mr Digweed, it would be full choke all the way, and no mistake . . . .

. . . . but like dem say, if a particular choke works for you - use it, and only deviate if another works better in another scenario.

The wider the choke, the more gaps in the pattern further down the range - and that's no good if the bird is dead centre of the pattern, but likely to pass through one of the gaps. The good thing about full choke is you are either ON or you are OFF - no half measures.


The moment removable chokes hit the market Dave Claybreaker was in heaven, his trainspotting and petrol head equivalents are often seen discussing which engine oil is best or which type of loco should be used for banking the lickey incline!
Shoot straight and the degree of choke doesnt matter, I have fixed chokes and dont care what they are, in my Beretta it has a barrel selector apparently!
Practise with what you are used to and when you are good then tinkering may or may not help!


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To be honest I use 1/4 and skeet out to 40m and If I am on them I burst them simple as that. I only close the choke down for real long range clays. If I am shooting birds I always use 1/2 and 3/4 because just one pellet wont do the job. some of the guys who I shoot with who are very good use 3/4 and full all the time.

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