Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by heady69, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. i read on the army website and it said that when you train to become infantry that there are other oppertunies like : sniper,driver etc what does this mean do you say that you want to be a sniper and you go off to train as one.
  2. There are several different trades available to infantry soldiers. If you volunteer, and you show aptitude, and there are vacancies on the course, you can follow whatever trade you want. The courses can be as short as a few weeks or several months long.

  3. First of all you become a Soldier

    . You undergo Basic Training (Phase 1) which teaches you how to soldier and do drill, etc. Everyone does this whatever their trade in the Army. Then as your Trade choice was Infantry you go on to do Phase 2 Training as an Infantryman teaching you basic infantryman skills.

    When you go to Battalion upon sucessfully completing training you can specialise in different areas such as Mortars, Signals, etc. A lot of soldiers will be sent on courses to become drivers of various vehicles, and this is all dependant on the Battalion in which you chose to serve, and their individual requirements.As a general rule of thumb, normally Snipers have to undergo a precadre (or pre-course training) to be selected to attend a Sniper Course. Normally they would also have a lot of time served in Battalion.
  4. how much time do i spend in basic training at the age of 17 becuase i went to the army career office and he said that when i go in at 17 you spend less time in basic because you are an adult can anyone tell me the exect time at the age of 17
  5. 14 weeks at present (phase 1).