Well after taking my barb and getting a rather shite score of 58 I cannot do electritian. Sp I picked POM, and from what I have read they eat a lot of pies and drink a lot, sit in a warm cab with tea whilst others are getting mucky wet and feel like crap. This all sounds good but on a more serious note. I have read that POM's pretty much dont touch Combat engineering after phase 2b pom training, is this true?

Is diver, bomb, para, cmdo etc still as open to POM's as it is fabricator etc?

Thought POM was to be your first choice anyway?
Why for friggs sake do you want to meddle with leccy? If you're planning ahead for when you leave you're not really committed to the cause, are you?

I told you all about how cushy life is as a POM, and I wasn't joking. But you can get a second opinion, about all the "knocking".

Unless things have changed dramatically, any trade can be put forward to specialist roles.

Fuckin' sparky????
*walks away shaking head*
POM is my first choice now. Its just that if I were to get enough for sparky then I would have done that. Knowing that I wouldnt have made it I picked POM.

I have asked multiple people how POM life is and the answers always the same. I like the answer.

Main question here is the specialisation one. Cheers mate
My mates are POMs best trade to have by all accounts, many are Divers EOD, search trained etc.

Although the only time you will get to play on the kit is if you are in the training cycle or on Ops/Exercise.

Most have the singular trade of Planty with the additional of Mechanic hence POM although not dual traded like a leccy/knocker.

Good trade by all accounts - not as good as RAC though ;)
RAC Gods tankies!

Plant ops ..... Worth their weight in gold in civvy st especially if the have all their hse certificates. Go for it. Get class one PO and leave having done extra hseq trg you will be on 1000 us per day (current pay) but the work is rather interesting and specialised
Thanks for the replies people!

Bipolar, you must have some undying passion for thr Sappers if your on their forum section? Sure tanks help in a fight, but they can make bases in record time? RAC does llok cool though :)

But I want to be in the army LONG term, I mean as long as possible so yeah sappers is what I want. A soldier, a specialist, and a planty. Thats the dream.
Plantying is a good trade, good quals and experience for civvy street. Yes, plantys still do combat engineering after they've done B3. On a bridge dem the only B1 combat engineers were myself (a Sapper planty) and a LCpl driver so we ended up taking charge.
...but ignore the video of me mumbling shite on BFBS at the bottom of the thread.
You are every Staffy I have ever had, and I claim my five pounds!
TRBh, if you get in, then pass basic and your POM course then para, commando, EOD and ACAD (diver) are all open to you.

There is a cracking organisation called Support Troop, 59 Indep Commando Squadron RE (due to reform No Move Before Apr 13) that would be the perfect fit for an aspirant Sapper Commando POM Diver. Pardon my presumption but it sounds right up your street.

Good luck.
Thanks for the link mate.

3123 sounds like you had a smashing time. To be honest though, placing bricks together never seemed appealing to me.
You'd be mad to listen to the advice here OP. Don't be a PoM.

What you want to do is trade train as a brickie, then when you're not humping breeze blocks and compo about in the rain - volunteer for top panels and as much bailey as you can.

Then do P Coy and jump out of airyplaines with loads of kit as often as you can.

It's hard work, granted, but think of the laughter on the faces of your family and friends when before the age of 40 you struggle to tie your laces in the morning, groan every time you get up from a chair and waddle about like a baboon due to your multiple back and joint problems...!

Up the Corps!
What are you on about, you buffoon? Gods trade all the way!
C.D - your irony detector is obviously u/s....
Yeah I always wanted to be an underwater pom submarine. If thats what you were getting at?

Its not really a fine art? well atleast not when scottish people do it :D I like to example of Korea. Made me laugh for a bit!

Thanks everyone
Mines not,

For the love of god, do not, I repeat, do not go Engineer Logistic Specialist.

All my young lads do it then think they can retrade once they are in! Not going to happen its like Roger Daltrey in the film "McVicar" when all he can here is "never get out, never get out"

Choose wisely and it's yours for life choose poorly and it's yours till you pvr!

My trade is 61% down in The Corps yet the still won't offer extensions and wonder why lads leave after 3 years!
Combat Medical Technician? You sure you didn't hear someone talking about CMT, then looked up the acronym afterwards?
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