Bill and his wife Mary were lying in bed one Sunday morning. Mary woke up, then turned over and said to Bill, "As it's Sunday and you've been hard at work all week, what would you most like me to do for you today?"
Bill gave it a few seconds thought, then announced "Well I'll give you three options......
You can wash the car.
You can give me a blow job.
Or, you can take it up the ass."
Mary was a bit stunned, she thought about her choices...."Well,
there's no way I'm washing the bloody car and I'm definitely not going to take it in the ass, so I'll give him a blow job."
She gets under the covers and proceeds to blow Bill.
Five seconds later she's gagging and puking all over the bed, then she cried "Aggghhhh... your cock tastes like shit. !!!!!"
Bill said "Yeah, your sister didn't want to was the car either"

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