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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Davros_the_Dalek, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Soo,

    I hear on the grapevine from my cat's best mate's boss' secretary who gets about a bit that the system of submitting PPPs to Glasgow is now gone in all but spirit.

    Seems that with the new system, you can only submit a PPP when you are asked to by Glasgow and that all you can put on it is a region and a job type, ie South England - Security. Apparently they will ignore any requests for individual jobs or units that are put down.

    Sounds to me like they have just made official what we all thought all along!

    I have already heard of a few people planning to sign off about this. Way to go. :roll: 8O

    Anyone else heard anything more positive about this?
  2. There are limitations with the system as it is, but it isn't as cut-and-dry as it may at first appear.
  3. The problem with the jobs list system is that it creates masses of work for the APC. I hear our MCM div is understaffed at the moment so that may also be a contributing factor. If it's any consolation, those that are higher up the food chain are still on the jobs list system, consider it an incentive for promotion!!!
  4. Unfortunately, Higher up the food Chain in this particular case is SSgt and on average it's what, 9-12 years or more to get there? Given the current signing off rates amongst juniors and actually across the board, surely giving people an incentive to stay is the way ahead, not saying "We're just going to shaft you for the first 10 years of your career."

    Like I said, I don't think it changes much, but what happened to MCM saying not more than two years ago that they would introduce job lists for everyone from Cpl and up? I did see a few Cpls and one Sgts jobs list some time ago but it looks like someone decided that it was too much work.

    Incidentally, does anyone know how much attention will be paid on PPPs to people who have spouses also serving?
  5. muahahahahaha :D

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  6. They will pay about as much attention to that as they do to your employment and location preferences. :roll:
  7. Well that's disheartening. I know for a fact that a lot of people would sign off in the even that they can't get a posting even remotely close to where their wife is serving - I'm one of them. Let's hope it's not as bad as all that.
  8. think this is exactly the sort of question that NTTT used to be handy for. sometimes we need the official answer to allay the fears of davros et al...

    any readers in a position to give him a semblance of the official line?
  9. Was told last year by MCM Div (through my CoC) not to bother with PPP as no attention would be paid to it.

    Damn them......
  10. Well maybe it hasn't been promulgated fully yet, but this thread was actually in response to an email that I got through the CoC stating the new rules. So it seems as though if you haven't heard anything recently, then you haven't heard yet.
  11. Nope, they don't seem to have even looked at the region and job. I have just got my posting through and the only thing I got that was on my PPP was a UK posting. They pretty much ignored every preference except the country, but I may have got that may be due to my personal circumstances (another little Ishinryu on the way). Again, another one plucked out of the postings hat methinks :? .

    Hey ho, I will just have to make the best of it, adapt and overcome. I suppose I can't really complain as I have been pretty much satisfied with all my previous postings.

  12. It's all supposed to be JPA now-~I put mine in for Line manager approval-problem is they haven't gone to her, we have no idea where they are and until the recipient clicks the "fkoff nowt to do wi' me/never heard of the cnut" button I can't do anything. not that they'll take any notice of them anyhow...