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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 19jonesy86, May 8, 2013.

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  1. So I have just recently found out I'm CP3 NOT CP4 as previously told by an RAF doctor! Now I feel spoilt for choice, due to GCSE grade I've narrowed jobs down to REME vehicle mechanic, 26 reg RA gunners and infantry! I know the choice is mine in the end but some light shed on these roles would be helpful.


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  2. Infantry - March around a lot, shoot rifles.
    RA - March around a bit, shoot big guns a lot and rifles occasionally.
    REME - Alledgedly fix vehicles and throw rifles in the back of vehicles as they seldom use them.
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  3. Why did you choose those roles (out of interest)?
  4. Infantry is a good job, there's scope to get trained up as a driver, signals & IT, anti-tank, mortar, sniper, recce, corps of drums/bugler/piper (depending on regiment), assault pioneer, PTI and other smaller jobs that some units have such as tailor or pioneer.

    If you go armoured then you'll also have the chance to do stuff like D&M (driver and maintenance) and gunnery.

    It isn't all action and adventure though, as with all jobs in the army there is the element of bullshit to contend with such as barrack guards, areas and other bone jobs. You'll make some good mates who you'll keep in touch with for the rest of your life and you'll work hard and play hard. Don't choose Infantry unless it's something you want to do.
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  5. Infantry was going to be my first choice when I thought I was CP4 so learnt alot about it and the merians which was my preferred reg, REME - because I've been a mechanic in civvy street and really enjoy it and RA because it is something different and I would enjoy the challenge of gaining the knowlage. I looked at Signals communication system engineer but I don't have the GCSE's for that

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  6. So I can get trade qualifications from joining infantry? Infantry is something I've really wanted to do since last Nov and I've had mates in and out of the infantry so heard all about it and it sounds like its great I even look forward to the bone jobs (sad I know) but since this revalation of being only CP3 I've decided to look into other roles, ones I could possibly transfer a trade to a civvy job

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