Choice Serbo Croat phrases required

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by exXIX, Nov 9, 2008.

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  1. We've got a girl starting at work on Tuesday. Her CV says she's from Mostar but has been working in Belgrade. Nothing wrong with that. In fact she is quite fit.

    As her manager, I wanted to greet her with some choice phrases in Serbo Croate such as "Halt Hands Up!" etc but now I'm a fat civvie and I seem to have binned my Op GRAPPLE Aide Memoire and ROE card from the good old days of UNPROFOR.

    Please help me out....
  2. All I know is

    ja tu ta poslati u bolinitsu

    Something about sending you to hospital head first.


    Dobra dan

    Jedan dvar tri chpiri pet sedan.....numbers etc.

    "Slivovitz" can bring interesting results!
  3. Pazi minje always seemed to get people's attention. Dobro sisi broke the ice as well.
  4. Dobra See - See (excuse spelling language Gods!)

    Nice t*ts!

    Dobra Goosa

    Nice arrse!
  5. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Stoi! Stani ili putsam! Stop! Stand still or I shoot!

    Dobra jutro. Good morning.

    Ya sam vojnik SFOR. I am a SFOR soldier.

    And, best of all and not in the phrase book...

    Y pasa muda. The dog's bollocks (literal translation, not metaphoric)

    I think those are right... hazy memories from GV and Jajce days excepted!
  6. Excuse spelling but what about..

    Stani ili putsam, Britanski vornik.

    I think it means "Stop or I'll shoot, British soldier."

    I could be wrong though.
  7. Bolli me glava -

    Blow me

    Pichku Mayka (or variations thereof)

    Motherf**ker, f*ck your mother

    Upolem te golem
    Shove it up your *ss

    And if she's a croat/bosniak....

    Samo sloga serbina spashava

    Only unity will save the serbs.
  8. Yebise' is fcuk off

    pichka is cnut

    the sum total of my serb knowledge
  9. msr

    msr LE

    The sum total of the Serbs knowledge too...

  10. Ne odjebi sa mojim kolima

    Don't fcuk with my wheels!

    Mi smo psecha muda

    we are the dog's bollocks

    Neznam nista oko nista!

    I know nothing about nothing! (and thus know something)

    Avionska plava

    Aircraft blonde

    Ne razumijem vas jezik, ja sam samo vosac!

    I don't understand your language, I'm only the driver!

    Reci mi picko, gdje je WC?

    Tell me cnut, where's the toilets?
  11. Dobro Puska ! If you get that far ! :D
  12. Hey darling, forget all that filing rubbish and sit on my knee while I fondle your ample breasts

    Hej dragi , zaboraviti svi taj evidentiranje smeće pa sjediti na moj koleno dok JA dragati tvoj širok grudi
  13. While you are doing that you can rub me off with your spare hand

    Dok te biti događaj taj te moći border mene otale tvoj oskudan ruka
  14. .......
  15. Pull your pants back up and pass the kleenex, by the way your sacked!

    Vuča tvoj pantalona pomoćnik pa prolazna ocena određeni član vrsta papirne maramice , usput tvoj popljačkan!

    That should cover the first day mate!