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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by arrsemeister, Jul 25, 2010.

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  1. I have looked around, but have not seen this answered anywhere. (or asked, for that matter.)
    Do CMTs get a choice of what sort of environment they'd like to work in? E.G, If I wanted to go out on patrol with infantry, would their wishes be taken into account? Or would my wishes have no bearing on where I'd be sent?
    Would I be assigned to work with soldiers of a particular regt. on a one off basis, or would I be attached to a regiment for the duration of the tour?

    Can't seem to get a straight answer anywhere, could you please shed some light on this?
  2. Unless things have changed, if you do a tour with a regiment then you stay with that regiment on their strength. If you are there as a section then you may move round within the regiment. I always managed to get plenty of foot patrolling in NI with whoever I was with.
  3. Cheers, interesting info. Can one opt to work in one setting as opposed to another?
  4. At a guess, you are asking about assignment choices rather than what happens once you get there? In that respect, you put in a Posting Preference Proforma (PPP) and it is taken into consideration at the appointments board. However, for nearly all Private Soldiers leaving DMSTG, there is a requirement to backfill the units next on deployment.

    This will normally mean a Field Hospital or in the main, a Medical Regiment.

    PM me if you want to be more specific.

  5. I think I'm being ambiguous. I was wondering what happens after passing the various phases of CMT training after basic, because I'd assumed that CMTs trained to class 1 would be more likely to be doing "frontline" work as opposed to an inexperienced CMT fresh out of training.
  6. CMTs leaving DMSTG are Class 2 initially then after a period in a Field Unit (9 months +) they can apply to take their Class 1 (subject to having completed the on-line test and the specific areas from their CCE). They then return to their unit after the Class 1 and continue as before, but with the caveat that they can be left on their own in many circumstances.

    You sound like you are considering it as a career? Top tip, get as many GCSEs' as possible.

  7. Yes, I've been very interested in it for some time. My predicted grades are very high, but I suspect my results will tell a rather different story. Is there much competition now? I noticed that a lot of army ads online and on tv, I interpreted that as a shortage...
  8. Plenty of competition. You have to pass selection to get into the Army. If you pass you are given a grade (A-D). The grade A's get loaded first followed by the B's etc. Point being, if you score badly you may well have a pass but you may never get allocated a training place.

    The secret to a good pass is decent GTI, good basic skills (lit & num), a good level of fitness, job knowledge, sociability and most importantly the right attitude.

    Go and see your careers office.