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Hello everyone

Went to my local ACO yesterday and met a freindly staff SGT Anyhoo
I have decided that my choices i would LIKE to go into are

Air despatcher
Or RLC Driver

I didnt ask too much about the air despatcher as i didnt know to much about it where as i did my research on the driver wich she was pleased with.

Anyway is there anyone who is/been a air despatcher and what is it like And do you do parachuting as a emergancy drill?

Or ill Wait for my B.A.R.B to suggest me some stuff :?
To become an Air Despatcher you first have to pass a week long Basic Air Despatch assessment course. This includes spacial awareness, arithmetic,writing and physical tests culminating in an interview in front of various officers from within the AD world.
If you are successful the Basic Cse is approx 10 weeks long. 2 courses are run each year, the next one in Feb (Sept after that). Parachuting is not included in the course. However travel, extra pay and being part of the only unit in the British Army that does the job is.
Contact the 47 Air Despatch Training Wing for more info.
Mooseknuckle is right to get into the Sqn (trade) you have to pass the 4 day assessment which involves physical and mental tests, then you do the Basic Air Despatchers course. Prior to all of the above you will go through DST Leconfield (via Deepcut) to do your driver training on trucks and LRs - exactly as you would for the RLC driver trade.

Parachuting isn't part of the AD role and it certainly isn't an emergency drill; if the plane goes down you go down with it. However there is the opportunity to do P Coy and then the Basic Parachuting Course.

If you get in the Sqn then as Mooseknuckle says you get additional pay, the chance to exercise is some lovely sunny spots like California and work with some interesting elements of the Forces. Most improtantly though you will be part of one of the very best Sqns within the RLC, with excellent ethos and esprit de corps. I couldn't reccomend it highly enough.
By far the best unit in the corps. But be prepared to work hard if you want to get on some trips and play hard.
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