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I've decided to try for a TA Commission as I complete an Open Degree to get something out of my wasted uni years before hopefully going regular in a couple of years' time. My background over the last couple of years (along with a bit of fair ribbing) is here:

My question is: which of the two equidistant units here would I enjoy more? I've got the Leicestershire Yeomanry to the south and the Steelbacks to the north and both look quite decent to me.

The L'shire Yeomanry are FR and CBRN, and from what I gathered at the careers office have quite a varied role. I'm drawn to them more than the RAR at the moment mainly because of the greater variety in training, in that they operate both with CVR(T)s and on foot. Am I right in thinking that, or is the focus far more on one than on the other? The CBRN specialty is good too, because it'd be completely unlike anything I've ever done before to the same extent that soldiering would be.

The only information I can find online about the 3rd RAR in Leicester aside from Wikipedia really emphasises the infantry pioneer aspect of the company, although I'd have thought that that is just a specialisation open to its soldiers. That's something I think I'd really enjoy learning, so if it's training many or most of its members get to do, that would be quite a big factor in its favour.

I'd really like a brief comment or two telling me whether my image of the two units is about right or not, so if there are any current or ex-members (or anybody else with something to say), I' greatly appreciate your views here.

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The only persons point of view that counts here is yours. Visit both units declare your interest in joining and see what they are like. You will not be able to form a balanced prospective from individual views from here as they will all be biased toward one way or the other.

It sounds as if you have more interest in the Yeomanry angle anyway, the Yeomanry (in all their guises) are generally more Officer focussed than the Inf. By that I mean it is a more social world in the Yeomanry for the young Officer than in the Inf. I have in my time been (for a short stint) Yeomanry CBRN for a couple of years and Inf for the majority of the rest. Yeomanry is not my cup of tea, Inf suits my character.

The point here is that you will not know what unit YOU fit into without getting a 'feel' for the unit and people, visit them a couple of times and see.

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