choice of regiment?

Greetings all:I am planning to apply for officer traning soonish and was strongly considering artillery as my arm of choice. However, the RA recruitng bumf i've seen seems to suggest that YOs don't choose the regiments they wind up in. I'd be equally happy with light guns or AS90s, but air defence seems relatively pointless- i can't see us fighting anyone with an air force in the near future- and i don't want to spend the next few years getting my balls irradiated a luminous green by giant satellite dishes. How much individual choice is there when it comes to postings? is it a matter of doing well at larkhill, or can you wangle sponsorship by an individual regiment? apologies in advance if this is a stupid question/has been dealt with before.
Er... I've just noticed the thread on exactly this question a few centimetres down. :oops: i guess surveillance & target acquisition is out of the question. MOD: delete thread please?
Not entirely true, my point was that non weapon types ( I include all STA assests in that not just 4/73) is very specialised and we don't or (in my case) didn't have much time for know nothing subbies (unless they made a good brew)

By all means come along and learn something different, but I always feel that a young subbie is best places in a bunny battery, learn the basics and the steamies can break them in for us :wink:
Thanks for the response, wellyhead. what i meant to say was that as i don't have the surveillance skills to notice a thriving debate on this topic a few threads down, researching 4/73 (as i have done) is a bit optimistic! :D

actually, looking at other threads on 4/73, do you think that (and slap me down if this is a stupid question) the otherwise healthy autonomy from YO interference backfires in the long run, in that there are less people with experience of what you do high up in the chain to actually deploy you where you'd be best?

i remember reading elsewhere on ARRSE that what would seem like ideal 4/73 roles are/were being given/mooted to 148, SF, or even HAC. Is that just a question of bad PR?
Fair enough, i would also like to point out that the skill of STA/ISTAR/RISTA/Locating or whatever you want to call it this week is not only confined to 4/73

My original comments are also valid if you decide to join either the dronies (sorry UAV :roll:), radar boys or soundbangers, it will inolve lots of sitting around making full screws brews as he/she is more useful.
Join something that will qualify you on civvy strret or give you a trade. Doesn't seem like an issue now, but in 22 years time it will when you have F**k all qualifications....
You don't choose the Regiment on YOs - it is chosen for you.

Thick as a furry turd but good county material - flat fieldies
As above but still smarting from having gone to a minor public school - RHA
Avaricious and thrusting and fall for the whole 'air defence is the future thing' - AD
Drank through YOs and frankly prefer a bit of infanteering - Depth
Enjoy Star Trek and Dungeons and Dragons - UAVs and radars and microphones and 'equipment of the month' regiments

Hope this helps
Without doubt , and an ex 5.Reg and 4/73'er, try for 29 Commando.

This isnt to dis. 4/73 .....who are unquestionably a premiere unit with excellent skills......but 29 have got the best of both worlds for a YO (commando course, guns, op's , nordic and 148)

You'll not get much from 4/73 unless your a soldier...and they're stuggling to find a place in the Orbat at the moment. They did have a great, if somewhat mental PSI and the lads are fcking excellent.

This said, 29 fight for everything that they've got... but have their Marine paymasters to send them on interesting ops and training.....

If i could do it again?


(Plymouths' a shite hole ...but so's Marne Barracks too ;-)
Dont think so Goat, To put into perspective would you accelerate from the hard shoulder, sorry maybe embankment into the fast lane on a motorway?

Not sure there is a role for officers under Capt at 148, maybe wrong, there are a few courses to be done before you can serve namely, AACC, BPC + SLS, NGFO,s, CAC to name a few if you go to 29 from YO's you may get oppurtunity to work with 148 depending on the arms plot and the CO.
Where ever you decide to go you will always think the grass is greener somewhere else, As a YO you will now learn General skills to suit all trades then if your luky a tour in germany for some tax free goods and a chance to pay of some of your student loan. Then it will be off back to uk probable to a AD role for 2 years then back again to being a FOO. Taste it all then you will make the final decision if you decide to saty after your ist 2 or 3 tours.

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