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A son of a friend has started his second phase of training, when he first joined he stated that he wished to join 2 DLR (Duke of Lancs) and this was agreed however he has now been told he will join 1 DLR.
Does he have any redress ?
He has friends and family in 2 DLR (formally 1 KINGS REGT) and this was a major part of him signing on, although 2DLR is no longer a City regiment as was the old 1 KINGS Regt it still consists mainly of soldiers from the city and surrounding areas which is why he still wishes to join that regiment.
I digress , Does he have any redress ?


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I think that in the brave new world of Large/Large regiments that it won't matter which battalion he musters into, he'll see service in all of them as his career progresses.
Agreed Mr_Fingerz

But that would be done by choice as his career progress's.
The point is can he choose which Battalion he goes to initially ?
When I was training at the depot I asked for the 3rd Btn of the Royal Anglian Regiment but was slotted to go to the 4th Btn. All my friends were in the 3rd and I told them it was not the Btn of my choice as I joined to be with my mates. Ask one of your friends or relatives to lay claim to him for thier battalion. It worked for me. Best wishes to your son and a safe time in the forces.
If he is still going through the factory then if I was you Id get his dad to go and speak to the Senior Recruiter at the ACIO he enlisted at. He will be able to phone ITC on his behalf and ask the question WHY theyve changed him against his sons wishes. Normally if you have ties to a specific Regiment they will attempt to get him into that Regiment, if no ties or shown no interest it would be into the Footprint Bn (Ie the one most undermanned)

Maybe the lad has mentioned it to his Platoon Staff in passing so they dont realise that its a big deal for him. By the end of the day if he's mentioned it on Previous interviews to Recruiting Staff and PSO you have a bit of leverage. Keep us informed.
Mind you it will do him good to spend some healthy time out of the company of scousers...

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