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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Jayabbo, Jun 11, 2010.

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  1. Was just wondering what are the best barracks the royal engineers hold at the moment as when I pass out need to choose my prefered choice and I've only been to Swindon barracks
  2. the newest are in Tidworth. Depends what you mean by best?
  3. 23 have brand new Z-Type I beleive if you fancy doing AAPC?
  4. Put in for wherever you want.

    You will get sent where Glasgow decide your needed, end of - unless you put in for an Airborne / Commando Regt.

    If you must have preferences, put in for Germany and enjoy your time in europe, as we may be out of Germany in the next decade.......
  5. Cant see us leaving Germany any time soon, for one thing there is no space for the men/equipment to go on this side. Look at St. Athans, that is supposed to be operational by 2015, but there has been no construction started, and IIRC the contracts with the construction companies havent been signed. Add to that the fact that the planning permission obtained runs out some time this year and we have a typical scenario. So any new areas developed for the units based out there to come back to probably wouldnt be ready this side of 2030....
  6. I want to be based in England as a preferance because of mrs obviously will be away once deployed and that's not a problem but I was thinking best as in best facilities
  7. She doesn't want to go to Germany? It's (almost) as cracking for young pads as it is for singlies. Not only do you get a bit of extra cash, you'll do things together that you'll still be talking about in years to come. If you base everything around what your missus wants, you'll probably have a pretty frustrating career.

    I'm in your neck of the woods and, much as I love Brum, I'd take a job fixing G10 bikes to be back in Hameln...
  8. Hameln was great,Waterbeach was great,Maidstone was Shiite,but that was in the '70s.If your other half is sniffy,sack her or don't join :D
  9. Women - C Items.

    Go down to the nearest club / bar when your at your unit, loads of replacements. Dont be c*** struck if the one you have at the moment is dictating your career, she will ultimately lose against needs of the army.
  10. Yeah sound anyway any useful comments are welcome as I was just trying to find out what are the best barracks to put down as my 3 choices and get sarcastic comment back yeah sound
  11. When in the 70's braindead? Don't forget we knew nothing different then!
    It was my first posting in '77 and I thought it was brilliant (then!) I suppose it's what you made of it wherever you were but I wouldn't change anything really!
  12. No sarcasm here, If your other half is whinging about where you are going now, what is she going to be like in a year when your up to your arse in sand and sheeeite.

    Take a Germany posting, you'll miss it if you dont.
  13. She ain't moaning but gotta be fair as thinking about this long term I'm not a little kid so done all the playing the field and I know what I want she under stands about going on tour as all my mates are in the army and been to afganistan Iraq and Kosovo
  14. you haven't mentioned your preferred Trade.....there's no point in asking for somewhere until you know what job you are going to do....a bit like asking for a Geo/Toppo posting when you might be a Fitter......catch my drift?

    And you won't get much of an idea until you are well into your never know, you might not even like it. :wink:
  15. I know my trade building and structural finisher