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Recently passed my main board and looking to start sandhurst in September. My first choice is the parachute regiment, unfortunatly i have not been able to visit them yet and the only poc course running between now and sep is when my brother is getting married. How important is it to have visited a regiment before sandhurst, will they not even look at you if your havent visited them?
They will look at you but POC is probably an advantage. I would ring them and find out what to say. If the wedding is important, and they require POC then you could always go to sandhurst in January?
I would definitely recommend the POC if you can get on one because it is a great week. Dates are on the web-site;

If you can’t make one then they also do an ‘Insight Course’ dates of which you will find in the soldier recruiting section of the above site. These are quite regular so you should be able to get on one no problem. There were quite a few guys on my POC who had done it and we all agreed it was worthwhile. It runs over a weekend and gives you the opportunity to do a log race, the assault course and a few command tasks amongst other things.

Aside from that I was fortunate enough to get sponsorship, but from what I gather (from people who should know) this won’t make any difference come RSB. Whether or not they decide to commission and individual depends on their performance at Sandhurst (as well as suitability for the regiment). Come May 9th, knowledge of this is what will have me springing out of bed early in the morning.

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