Chocolate *********


Get yours here!

Hers looks fairly well used, and the bloke doing it is a real character - I can see him getting his own TV programme. Perhaps something like "Celebrity *********" - guess which celeb the cast belongs to.

"I think that's probably Angela Ripon's, Brian". And that huge on that looks like a bucket - Alan Carr's"?
It's difficult to determine, out of her, him or you, smokes the most crack.

You're off yer heeds.
I've thought carefully about it, and I don't ever want to see my own ******** looking back at me from the mantlepeice. Bronze or not.

So, what am I to do with these moulds and pictures...?
I'm getting mine done and made into a bunch sovereign like rings


I don't even want to know what you were looking for when you stumbled upon that. Or, were you looking for it?

I'm afraid I saw it on Facebook.

BTW, the girly in the video - I'd eat her chocolate starfish.

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