His stuff is nice but there's nicer (and cheaper) stuff out there to be had
Very true! I tried 99% stuff before and it did not go down well. I tend to stick at 75-86%


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Agree that green and blocks is over rated - wonder what some of the other high cocco content ones are too
Hey 5RR, what brand do you normally go for? I like sainsburys own taste the diff 80% - think green & blacks over-rated....
Lindt is good but pricey but for me, the JD Gross (may be incorrect spelling) stuff from lidl is quality gear. About the only decent produce sold in lidl! Not had much g&b apart from the butterscotch which isn't bad, but very sweet.
Pierre Marcolini of Brussels is the best I've ever had - almost came in my pants!
Thanks for that Kirkz - no I hadn't seen it (saw an earlier documentary of his when he was just starting out)
Was that "Willies Wonky Chocolate Factory"?
I remember seeing this. He seems to know his stuff, but he comes across to me as being a bit.... erm...'gungy'. A bit like Marco Pierre White in that respect. I'd be inclined to sniff his chocolate suspiciously (That looks a bit weird.)
Chocolate moulds can create, shoes muffins trains etc etc. Whats the chances of an arrse mould, or would that be takin the cocoa.

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