Chocolate truffles

Sourced the chocolate from Lidl, but go where you want.

125gm slab of 70- 80%

Half a slab- 100 gms cooking chocolate

50gms butter

Half cup pulverised ginger biscuit

2 tbsp strong coffee

3- 4 shots of brandy or your favourite liqueur

Break up the chocolate into a bowl and put it into a pan with 2" of water, bring to the boil, then simmer until the chocolate has melted.

Add the biscuit,after it has cooled, then the butter, stir until blended, then the coffee and alcohol.

When cold, take out tsp fulls, and mould roughly to shape.

The original recipe tells you to roll them in a mix of cocoa and nescafe, 2- 1, but you could use grated chocolate, white chocolate, whatever, also a small piece of glace cherry looks good on top.

Make a few variations, if you can find a nice container, makes a good present.


The high cocoa content chocolate from Lidls is very good, at a very decent price!

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