Chocolate - From Victoria for the Boer troops

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An Officer from our last Boer campaign kept his gift of chocolate in his helmet when he got home (Norfolk). Reading the BBC article about the companies that supplied the chocolate to our troops (Cadbury, Fry and Rowntree), they were founded by Quakers and didn't want associated with war so didn't want their names attached to the gifts, and didn't want payment.

This is not a particularly new story as such. I was sure I had seen it some time back...

9th July 2018

120-year-old chocolate tin made in Carlisle for Boer War to go under the hammer​

Not quite the same story but close...

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The tin itself is quite pretty indeed.


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Currently being issued to 2 Mercian in Kenya.

I know they are back, it was a joke.
It wouldn't have lasted 24 hours in our house.

Fair play to the owner's will power and self restraint.

Anyone remember the blue and white choccy bars in the old rat pack ?
Missus used to commandeer mine.
Theres no accounting for taste.

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