Chloe Bruce

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ringdoby, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. My Karate Instructor told me to look on youtube for Chloe Bruce, who holds the world record for the greatest number of kicks in 1 min.

    Apparently she is kicking a Thai pad in this link, though I have yet to the pad:

    YouTube - Chloe Bruce - Guiness Book of Records - 210 Kicks In One Minute

    And here she is apparently showing a "Scorpion Kick", though that wasnt what was foremost in my mind seeing this clip:

    YouTube - Chloe Bruce Scorpin Kick Tutorial

    She would destroy me, and I would die happy
  2. I saw my missus kick like that in the sale at Kurt Geiger.

    The vicious cunt.
  3. good times, shes bendy

    bad times, shes kill me before i finished the phrase does this smell like coloroform

  4. BE HONEST!! Who's interested???
    What is of more interest is the muscular buttoxxes in spandex and the fantasies they engendner !

    Get REAL guys.
  5. She's howling.
  6. She is not , its the wind blowing up her hard as nails pussy
  7. I've just done a sex wee.
  8. She is really good to see live!!
  9. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. HHH

    HHH LE


    I think she has just done a sex lake!

  11. Thanks for that...

    View attachment 41475
  12. by the time she finished with you in the morning you'd be all broken and fucked up
    with the bedsheets hanging out your arse.
  13. They're fake.....not a kitchen in sight.
  14. Totally agree there. Knock my teeth out and I'd die happy just for the view. So long as she wore the skimpiest of skimpy shorts in the process