chiropractor or osteopath??

for the last couple of weeks i have been suffering with sciatica, its kind of gone, in the sense that i now no longer walk like quasimodo, but there is a lingering ache that is starting to niggle.

i was going to visit a chiropractor that a mate from work recommended to me, however i was told by someone else to stay clear as they are not licensed. i was told to go to an osteopath.
so my question is whats the difference? do they offer different services etc etc
Delurking from RP - its more a question of what works for you!

I had physio for three years and my sciatica was awful, physio did not even touch it. Binned the physio, went to an osteopath for eight sessions, still no improvement. Final shot was three sessions from a chiropractor and I now very rarely get even a twinge. Also had six sessions of accupuncture - now I found that fantastic for sciatica.

A chiropractor will look the alignment of not only your spine, but the alignment of your neck and cranial area - they may suggest seeing a cranial osteopath as well.



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Can't speak for the osteopaths as have never been to one but seen chiro's a number of times, with some great results.

Check out where they qualified because there are two main types - McTimoney and traditional. The latter is crack 'n' thump approach whereas you leave the McT thinking you've been conned, but the sun is shining, you are feeling a whole lot better and you can walk easily....oh yeah...

I now always go to McT practitioners because they are trained in much more holistic techniques.

Best of luck and try not to sneeze.
Whether you go for chiropracter or osteopath, after that course of therapy I recommend strongly that you fund an Alexander Technique instructor and have a short course if lessons. It's fantastic for straightening out kinks you never knew you'd acquired (kinks in posture that is), and for helping avoid recurrence.
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