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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Running Man, Aug 13, 2013.

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  1. always suffered with my back, especially with lower right side above my pelvis.
    currently seeing my chiropractor every two weeks and she clicks me back into place, while i see a pilates instructor who helps strengthen my core and helping me stand better.

    hoping to get this back pain sorted and improve on my posture so i can take up running again and start my application for reserve forces,

    anyone here have had similar probs or seeing chiropractor or even doing pilates??
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    The instr was washing his hands of you.
  3. Went through a couple of months of back pain before being referred to a physio. She told me i would need a few months of treatment for x y and z. A mate suggested a chiropractor just on the off chance. He diagnosed my problem and cracked my back back in to place in two sessions.I haven't had a problem since. I still wonder why some of the medical profession don't rate them as medical professionals.
  4. It's only the Grauniad:

    Chiropractic manipulation of the spine may cause strokes and even death | Edzard Ernst | Science |

    just ignore it and crack on ;-)

    Lower back pain can be sciatica and a good focused stretching regime will help. Lots of Chiropractors and Physios will draw your treatment out because it's a nice little earner isn't it?
  5. Graculas, Jarrod

    It was not sciatica nor was it as the NHS document suggests, a placebo effect. The fact is that one of my hips had become slightly unaligned and the pain was as well as being in my lower back, transferred down to my knees. Two sessions with my favourite witch doctor squared it away. No need for a stretching regime or multiple visits to the physiotherapist. Strange how he didnt feel the need to recommend months of therapy. Go figure.
  6. How do you know it isn't sciatica? It a general description that covers many ills. The 'slightly unaligned' hip can be how you sense it or what the witch doctor has told you. A shortened hamstring will give you that unaligned hip.

    Don't mind me, when it comes back, and it will, go and see your bone cracker. The link was the reasoning behind some of the medical distrust.
  7. Considering it was 10 years ago, i wont take a blind bit of notice thanks all the same.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    osteopaths are usually pretty good, they look at the whole body and then tell you the bad back is due to you having one leg half an inch longer than the other and you really shoudln't have carried your bag on one shoulder at school.
  9. I wondered how you'd found one willing to do the manipulation bit - they're all terrified of a good sueing nowadays.
  10. I was thinking of starting a thread on this myself as I have had a very positive (probably life-changing) experience with a chiropractor

    I have suffered from back pain most of my adult life and routinely saw doctors and physios through my Army career. Two years ago, I had an industrial accident in which a heavy weight landed on top of my head. I was saved by a site helmet and there was no major damage found. A very expensive private doctor in Miami told me he couldn't do anything for me.

    Since then, my back has steadily deteriorated; constant pain in the lumbar area and neck pain, particularly when looking over my shoulder. I struggled with simple tasks like putting my socks on and could hardly walk when I got up. I was also suffering from constipation and low energy levels, was getting depressed and was putting on weight because I couldn't exercise.

    Back in May, I met a chiropractor at the local autumn show. Along with most Aussie chiropractors, he was offering a free spinal examination and X rays during May, so I went along. I was frankly horrified when he showed me how my spine had degenerated and how out of alignment my pelvis was, neither of which had been picked up on by doctors.

    I signed up for a course of treatment over 6 weeks, 3 times a week at first then dropping down to once a week by the end. The results are frankly amazing. Treatment consists of spinal adjustment using a spring loaded probe thing which stimulates the nerve endings; he does no manipulation. The body does the rest. No way is this a placebo effect; I've seen the evidence in my X-rays over an 8 week period.

    I had an assessment this morning; my pelvis is now properly aligned, neck movement is normal, spine alignment much improved and strength and mobility are returning. I'm not pain free yet, but I ran 50km last week and did 3 gym sessions, something that was simply a dream 3 months ago. I can't remember having energy levels like I have now and my guts are working normally again. I've also lost 8kg since starting.

    I have always been cynical about alternative treatments, coming from a family of medical professionals. Not any more; in 30 years, the medical profession never got my back right. Three months of chiropractor and I am better than I have been since I was in my twenties. I can safely say that regular chiropractic care is now a fixed part of my life.
  11. As with your car and it's MOT, it's good practice to visit an Osteopath annually, more especially so if you are in a regular training regime. The skeletal frame is easily misaligned.

    The London School of Osteopathy third year students 'need' non student / staff members to practice on. It's a well supervised session(s) which includes a tutor and usually two students. Being ex-mil I have no issues with two female students twisting me around the place. The session fees are petty cash relative to the charges these kids will cost you once qualified. It's a win- win situation all round - you assist the students by presenting your body, they assess your brokendown state and before long you are chasing Mo Farah's address wanting to race him:)

    Well worth a punt.
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