Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by lazymedic, Apr 5, 2008.

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  1. I am a chiropractic student and as as part of one of my assignments i had to interview G.P.s and as soon as they found out i was a chiro student they were very awkward and unhelpful. Can any of you docs out there explain why this is. LM
  2. Because chiropractic is regarded as complete bollocks by real doctors. Whether it is or not I'm not going to comment...

    for further information see the book 'Suckers' by Rose Shapiro. Published by Harvill Secker, ISBN 978-1-846-55028-7. Probably best to read what actual scientists say about your profession.
  3. i'm not a doc, but i suspect its because docs dont like handing out treatment that doesn't involve pills. i've tried asking for alternative treatment, including your own, and have always faced an unwelcoming response. docs should be open to other treatments other than the ones they have been taught
  4. think i'd rather the 'alternative' than the s**t docs try to throw down my throat at every given opportunity :!:
  5. When alternative treatment opens itself up to proper trials rather than just personal anecdotes then doctors will be gin to accept it. So far the only trials have been performed on accupuncture, chiropractic and magnet therapy. All found that they performed no better than placebo. Use pubmed to find the trials.

    Most homeopathic treatment is at best a rip off and at worst (suprisingly often) directly harmful. In many cases ill patients will forgo real medical help because some quack has told them that an untested therapy that was used by the ancient chinese will be better for them.

    Pills do have side effects and surgery is indeed dangerous, without 100% success, but alternative practitioners and homeopaths are either wildly misguided or intentionally evil. Either way, they are harmful to you and (particularly) your wallet.
  6. Its as much as an alternative as a BB gun would be to defend yourself against the enemy. If someone said that BB SA80 saved their life would you believe them? Thats all the evidence you can have for alternative medicine.
  7. I can only speak to my own experience as someone who suffered a spinal fracture in a training accident. (My Bradley was rear-ended by an M1 tank in Germany). I lived with near-constant pain for over 15 years and the best the Army, and later the VA could do was to prescribe medication and offer physical therapy. My wife convinced me to go see a chiropracter and I thought, "I got nothing to lose." It was one of the smartest decisions I ever made. Chiropractic gave me the chance to sleep through the night without pain and go for walks again with my dog in the woods. Call it quackery of you want, but it worked for me.

    cheers, Mark
  8. chiropractors are legends!
  9. I'd say there are benefits to both treatment options.
    Chiropractic worked a treat after a serious back injury I had in 2003.
    As for medical science, my G.P. told me to quit drinking (quack!) and prescribed antacids for the big C. ffs. :roll: :x
    My M.O. got me in for tests and treated right away; nearly done and prognosis is excellent.
    It's the luck of the draw either way, IMHO.