Chirac: France Prepared To Use Nukes

What "state" flew planes into the twin towers and pentagon? Most of them were saudi... *dares chirac*
Hasn't France already had attacks - wasn't there something on Le Tube ' Metro a while ago (can't be arrsed to google for it)...
The french have had problems for years. When we had the IRA they had algerian groups bombing france. It must be about 10 years ago now but my father only missed a bomb in Paris by a couple of minutes (has worked in central london for 19 years and the closest he came to being blown up was in france...)
It might just be positionining itself against iran, warning iran not to get nasty and dirty with nuclear stuff by making sure Iran knows that for some reason France are allowed nukes they are prepared to use but iran aren't allowed anything remotely "nuclear"
I think it was basically a very thinly veiled threat to Iran...
"back off sonny, you're playing with the big boys now...and you saw what we did to the whale huggers!"
Why the sudden escalation by this eejit?
He was making a speech at the launch of a new nuclear sub or something. I think any world leader could be expected to make a similar speech in the circumstances. You can't really imagine our beloved Mr Blair unveiling a gucci new bit of kit and then making a speech about how it was never going to be used...
Its about time the French have grown some balls and are willing to use em...
Phil306 said:
Its about time the French have grown some balls and are willing to use em...
Don't you believe it. All this shows is that Chirac is primarily interested in Chirac first and France second. He is not prepared to be as strong when terrorists attack other countries, even other eu countries.

This is rhetoric for home consumption, pure and simple.
tricam said:
Phil306 said:
Its about time the French have grown some balls and are willing to use em...
What a mong statement.... you know we are talking about nukes here?

Not really - he may be a prat, but (for once) he's probably being realistic. We went for years through the Cold War with the western governments explicitly saying that they would 'never use nukes in a first strike', yet most of us appreciate that if Ivan had came rolling through Germany that we would probably ended up using the damned things within a month.
in_the_cheapseats said:
Why the sudden escalation by this eejit?
I'm only guessing but surely it's linked to the recent riots?

The people rioting recently were mainly followers of 'Islam'(Back to the Algerian connection).Guess he wanted to make a statement to AQ and pals that that will do,top that with a pride in his countries, significantly bigger than our navy,navy and you get crazy outbursts!

The Iran link is also rubbish as with typical French vigour,they have done their utmost to befriend all and sundry, but hey it wasn't that long ago that Mr Bliar was singing Irans praises.
I think hes just trying to reassure his countrymen that France is still an influential power blablabla as a reaction to the general feeling of malaise in France after the riots etc
Cheerac should be in prison now but for Le Presidential Immunity.
He's jsu gobbing of ta show La Punters That La Frog is still a World Class Power under him
And maybe they'll spare La TW@T prison time when his term exspires.

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