Chirac at Windsor

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Forces_Sweetheart, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. The royal family is entertaining Jacques Chirac at Windsor castle tonight with a special performance of Les Miserables. It is being held in the 'Waterloo Room' which has been temporarily re-named 'The Music Room' (not very original - I'm sure lot can come up with better ideas) lest it offend. The enormous portrait of Wellington will remain in place....
  2. Let us hope the menu includes Beef Wellington, Vichy carrots and cheese....
  3. Or better still, that revolting pizza you described in the 'Favourite Topping' thread....
  4. and a white sauce called surrender on demand? :wink:
  5. Apparently the Cheese-Eater-in-Chief detests Les Mis, but HM insisted. Probably in retaliation for Antoin de Caunes.
  6. I discussed Chirac and his interesting past once with a brace of French officers from the cavalry regiment of la Garde Republicaine at their training centre at St Germain en Laye.

    I said, perhaps a little dryly, how much I was looking forward to Chirac's next state visit and the duties that would entail. They laughed and said that I shouldn't hold my breath, as before long Chirac will only do state visits to non-extradition countries, just in case.

    "'E is a, errrr, a sh*t," one of them commented, to appreciative nods.
  7. The French are indeed a gift from God. Everyone deserves to have a target of hatred and the French meet everyones expectation perfectly.

    They are still able to surprise me with their arrogance and double standards. They complain about the US being poor members of NATO totally ignoring the absurdity of their own situation. They criticise the "overly aggressive" tactics of the US in Iraq yet see their own response to attack in the Ivory Coast, that has seriously esculated the crisis, as being entirely reasonable.

    Yet they are loved by the left wing tree huggers in this country who conveniently forget that French Agents blew up The Rainbow Warrior in Aukland, NZ because it was disrupting the nuclear tests.

    I bet Phil the Greek would prefer a reenactment of Waterloo for Chirac.
  8. He's a crook, but then, whose pollies aren't? The crookedness just varies in type. Blair? No cash stuff, but Iraq and Dr. Kelly. Chirac? Loadsamoney and loadsaphonetapping. When I look at French politics, I sometimes wonder where the line between corruption and the discreet exercise of national power lies. The Elf-Aquitaine scandal was pretty much a secret French foreign policy, orientated to securing oil, markets and intel sources. Mind you, it also involved various pollies collecting scads of cash and slinky froggy whores. Who can blame 'em?
  9. ah, Prune my boy, you forgot about the Trust Fund established by good ole Geoffery Robinson in the Channel Islands (the other one i must say) on behalf of the Dear Leader!

    As well, lets not forget about the Wide Mouth Frog's amazing Law Practice, specialising in EU Human Rights Issues established, well, just after her husband signed the UK up to the EU Human Rights legislation. What a coincidence!

    How do you think he is managing to afford a £3.6 million town house near Hyde Park?
  10. Would this be the same Geoffrey Robinson who was connected to Robert Maxwell, and was involved in dodgy loans to the pansy Mandelson, and had to resign from the government?

    Let us also not forget the Wide-Mouthed Frog's iffy foray into the investment property market, or her links to a conman (the Australian one, not Bliar).
  11. Let's hope someone counts the silver after he has gone.
  12. Lets hope there is some silver left after he goes. God knows he sold off all the gold.
  13. Are we talking about Bliar or Chirac? Much of the silver must have been "liberated" from the French back in the good old days, and Cherie probably has her eye on a few trinkets for their new pad in Connaught Square. :twisted:
  14. I rather admire the French, they don't give a shi-ite about how the rest of the world regards them, they just get on with promoting their own interests. They've got the EU stitched up to subsidise their farmers 'til the cows come home (ho, ho); and they only join in with Nato when they feel like it. Meanwhile, if anything happens in the French 'sphere of interest', they just shove the Foreign Legion onto the US Air Force taxi service, thus ensuring that very few actual Frenchmen have to risk their lives for the 'gloire' of France.

    Very sorted.
  15. Although I hate to admit it, I tend to agree. Despite their isolationist standpoint, they still manage to fare slightly better than us, even though we are willing to bend over, grit our teeth, and get rimmed by both the EU and the US.
    And the FAMAS always worked, and they have the nice shiny new Raphael, and a proper carrier, and, and.......