Chirac accused of paying off hostage takers

Whiteflag anyone, or just an imaginative walt:D

A former French secret agent has accused President Jacques Chirac of ordering him to run a private secret service to channel ransom money to hostage-takers in Lebanon and Bosnia.

Jean-Charles Marchiani, 62, also a former MEP, made the claims at the start of his trial this week for allegedly receiving 1.3 million euros (£880,000) in kickbacks from military contractors.

Investigators want to know why and how Marchiani amassed several million euros in his Swiss bank accounts.

Prosecutors say some of the money came from an illicit commission paid by the German company, Renk, to secure a contract supplying tank gearboxes.

But Marchiani claims that the money was transferred to his accounts to set up an "intelligence outfit" on the orders of the former interior minister, Charles Pasqua in the mid-1980s, when Mr Chirac was prime minister.

"It was a system put in place at the request of Charles Pasqua in place of the official secret services," said Marchiani.

Marchiani said he used the funds to secure the release of hostages in Lebanon, held by Hizbollah in 1986.

"We did not collaborate with the French secret services, we worked in their place," he said.

The official French line is that Paris has never paid for the release of hostages.
Well, it is plausible I suppose. Italy paid for their hostages to be released in Iraq.
Considering the amount of money Chirac & co have siphoned off over the years into various accounts (I wouldn't be surprised if there's a special Department for them) why not one more - at least this one was to help people escape almost certain death, unlike the normal run of secret funds... (the £500 a pair shoe fund- R.Dumas/the Hooker fund-anyone involved with Elf/the mistress & bastard fund-Mitterand...could go on for hours!)


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It will be no better when the Sarkozy family are running the show. They are as crafty as a barrel load of monkeys and are "old money" so they will be even more creative in their dealings whilst appearing considerably less slimy.
But there IS no more Sarkozy family - Mrs took off with a very eurotrash-suave looking individual, leaving the amphetemine dwarf on his own... Dominique de V might just get the upper hand in the next elections - lets face it the V Republic has never had a pocket president & DDV is slightly the taller of the 2.
Off hand I'd say the socialists are the bigger thieves on the whole anyway (but maybe that's my natural prejudice).
Are we sure that the UK has NEVER paid for hostages to be released?


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Oh yes there is, his brother Guillaume Sarkozy, who is looking for something to do with his time since his textile weaving business went belly up a coupleof years ago. It is interesting that shortly after Nicholas backed the challenger against Chirac his little brother's business, which had always lead a charmed life by weaving textiles for embassies, apartments of the influential, the seat fabric for Air France and other state funded organisations, suddenly found the order book halved and went into rapid terminal decline.

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