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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by YANTOFULPELT, Oct 26, 2004.

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  1. As we are all now in the system or have been, I wonder what the audience thinks of chips in the skin al la pet passport style. Think about it, CDT get neck scanned like a dog/cat all details can be contained on a chip, enter new theatre of Ops, pay as you dine, new clothes from QM or just sorting your claims. Get rid of F"£$%^&G dog tags and the monkeys will know who you are when face down in a kraut gutter? I wonder? Any one else?
  2. Bar code would be cheaper 8O
  3. At least you would know how your pet felt when it had one done :twisted:
  4. and the enemy gets the same chip-reading equipment. Bingo! They know exactly where you are, religion and what you prefer for tea.
    I'll stick to my tags thank you.
  5. No, that info is not contained in the chip. its just a code number - without the database means nothing.

    Tattoo a barcode, with a crows foot under it and a NATO part number ;)

  6. Took our mut out to Oz with us (fukcing expensive) and had the chip thing done. Visit to vet 3 months later and couldn't find the chip. Evenually found down near his hoop. What's going on there then?
  7. Didn't Rogue Trooper a la 2000AD have a Bar Code tatooed on the back of his neck? He had microchips in his gun and backpack I seem to remember, and they proved to be very useful when fragging the enemy. What were they called? Sovs or something I expect.
  8. Have u seen the size of that Needle i nearly fainted when they chipped my cat!
  9. Rince

    The fact that the device can be read remotely means that your location can be pinpointed. It might take a really big, powerful device to read it, but it can be read. The fact that it contains no useful data alone is not relevant here. If it contains just a number, then cloning of that information is then possible. Seems a complicated solution to giving someone a card with the details on it!
  10. A microchip ebedded just under the skin can be remotly scanned with scanning equipment, remotly meaning less than a fot away. A microchip would be no more detectable by the enemy than metal dogtags, infact using state of the art EMF scanners dog tags would be far easier to detect ant pinpoint, but still within 20 ft.