chips is extra

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rockape560, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. I'd check the price again I bet Panda burgers are cheaper.
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  2. Fast food places have been selling burgers with little real cow in them for years.
    And a lot cheaper too

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  3. It dosnt even involve a cow - Talk about processed food

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  4. Only real meat gets past my lips.........
  5. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Breaded Osprey fillets. Little shop in Keswick sells them.
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  6. I know a chap in Yorkshire who'd love to get to know you better
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  7. Never mind the burger meat made up of muscle tissue grown in a lab in a petri dish. How about this bloke who was arrested (again!) for having sex with a rubber ring? :omg: :omfg: No doubt the poor rubber ring is traumatized now. He'd best speak to a lawyer to try to get some compo out of it if you ask me. ;-) (How big is this man's tool anyway? Interested parties would like to know...) ;-)

    Rubber ring.jpg

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  8. It better have had beetroot on it!

    There was a takeaway in Brisbane that had a burger 'with the lot', but beetroot was extra! Their reasoning? Not everyone likes beetroot. I said that in NSW they put beetroot on their works burgers and if people didn't want it then they said "No fucking beetroot!"

    Queenslanders are a strange bunch. Glad to be back in NSW, the land of beetroot on ya burger (at no extra cost). The way it should be.
  9. For 210,000 quid I'd expect it to be made from Unicorn.
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  10. Beetroot? You strange, strange people.

    Poutine burgers are the way forward.
  11. Who the fuck under 80 eats Beetroot? Grotty red stained fingered cunts
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  12. People who like to visit watersports parties and fuck with peoples minds.
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  13. Who the fuck eats black pudding? A giant scab stuck in a bit of intestine and mixed with miscellaneous lips and arseholes.

    But yeah, beetroot is pretty ordinary.

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  14. I've never eaten Black pudding but I think you're quite wrong about the ingredients.
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