Just had a pleasure of relieving a retiring Capt of much of his kit for not much cash. Particularly chippy individual. Most people probably have used (or have heard of) the trick whereby you purloin a spare gas plug to accelerate cleaning time on the rifle front... Needless to say, this chap passed on his spare gas plug. However, he also had some other prized possessions, the best of which being a full NBC suit with all of the charcoal lining removed! He didn't use it in Iraq, but works wonders on training exercises.

Anyway, was just wondering what other tricks and workarounds people had encountered? Any particularly gleaming examples?

NB: The retiring Capt's orderly did say that he had once been on an NBC exercise where a squaddie had tried to pull a similar charcoal-removal trick. The DS found out, but rather than punish said soldier, they let him ride in the landrover while every single other person on the course did a 10 miler in suits and Mk 10s (but not gloves or boots). Evil indeed.

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