Chipmunk Surfing Attempt

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by WTZ_TWR, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. That must have caused some brown staining in the cargo compartment of his jump suit FFS. Declared as a near miss no doubt
  2. Hmm, how old is that film. Could have been anyone from wallop on a solo off to six penny handy roundabout....and adjusting that infernal compass that resided on the floor and not looking out.
  3. ...or just pulling out from a dog fight near Tarrant Rushton.......... :roll:

    "I did not see any skydivers due to me having blacked out from pulling 8G after diving for speed your honour"
  4. Aviation terminology never ceases to amaze...... 'Near Miss', more like a........ 'Near Hit'... I expect though that there is some logical reason that these incidents are described as they are and that I will no doubt be enlightened.