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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by _FUBAR_, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Hoping some of you may be abe to help...

    I have ony just found out that airmen are permitted to wear the forage cap ( chip packdet/side cap) not just officers.

    "AP 1358, Chap 6;
    0603. Hat - Male Personel.
    a OFFICERS. Male officers are to wear the service issue No1 SD hat, beret or forage cap with apprpriate cap badge.
    b AIRMEN. Non-commissioned airmen are to wear the No1 SD hat, beret or forage cap with appropriate cap badge."

    My question is what is the appropriate cap badge for non-commissioned? as the officers have a mini brass eagle, do we have a mini brass RAF badge or is it just a regular cap badge?? :?
  2. Standby for heavy incoming.................
  3. They are not called Cvnt caps for nothing.
  4. The badge would be your normal raf capbadge.
  5. Indeed. as Queensman said, they are called cvnt caps!
  6. thanks polar.

    yes i know they're tw@t hats but honestly its easier to put one of them in ya flyingsuit then a beret or a SD.
    I only plan on having one for then, i shall still wear my beret with green and sd with blue.
    now i can just wear my tw@t hat with my growbag lol
  7. Our leccys and genny techs used to wear them, much easier to put on if you have shite all over your hands apparently
  8. agreed!
    and you can just fold them up and shove'em in you pocket without wrecking the shape of them.

    one of the loaders turned up wearing one the other day, and obviously we gave him a ton of sh!t for it but then a few started to have a look at it and lo and behold they're starting to creep into the sqn a bit more...
    im convinced just on a practical note!
  9. Phew! What a relief! With my real nickname I thought this was a thread about my missus.

  10. Beware, for next it will be the thunderbirds jacket, stable belt, tie pin and cufflinks.
  11. Thunderbird jackets went out years ago, shame really as I could wear my "marksmen" badge on the sleeve
  12. Fundamental mistake here Fubar. Sorry to disappoint you but the Forage Cap is not the folds flat “fore and aft” chip bag (aka Side Hat), it is the khaki version of the No1 dress hat. Often worn by warrant officers, less often worn by officers these days.
  13. Please tell me you are joking? :D

    Don't let the ATC adults find out, they still wear those horrors, but I've yet to see one badged up with crossed rifles.
  14. errr....AP1358 is the dress regs for the Royal Air Force, IIRC?
  15. Fair cop – I didn’t take the time to think that questions on the ARRSE, even ARRSE Aviation, would be anything other that green!