Chip bag hats!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by maninblack, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I was a bit surprised to see the piccie on the right of this link with Air Marshall Sir Blenkinsop Thrungerpump-Olea wearing a Chip Bag Hat in 95s.

    What is the future for cost savings here? Is Gordon Brown (praise be upon him and his calculator waving gnomes) getting his own way? Will we see the 1st Foot & Mouth outside Betty's remodelled semi detached in Braintree (built under PFI) with dead bears on their heads and a set of 95s?
  2. They wear cnut caps with 95's on this base. It looks t0ss but then it goes with the un-ironed kit and the in-ability to salute properly.

    On a slightly different note has anyone else noticed that RAF officers have the initials RAF after their name (like a qualification) but the Navy and Army don't.

    Anyone know why?
  3. Barcode Battlers. Huh, dontcha just luvvem?
    This fella can't have been made to wear in bearing in mind the width of his barcode....he chose to. Don't they have mirrors in the RAF (WHAT AM I SAYING!!!)
  4. Navy officers can and do put RN after their name, and Army officers put their Corps / Regiment after their name.
  5. Fair enough. Is it an officer only thing?
  6. It's supposed to b, although I have seen it a few times with ORs.
  7. You learn something new every day. Cheers mate.
  8. I work on a Tri Service base and half the fellas make the camp look like a Walt re-enactment meeting. CS95 is working dress for all 3 services and the Navy especially make it look so so bad.
  10. Good WAAHHHH Woopert.

    Still - it was Tiffy - not the biggest of fish - but a WAAAAH anyway.
  11. Oi you cnuts, I was being serious :oops:

    I'll go sit in the corner with the dunce cap on.
  12. Perhaps the chief reason RAF Officers choose to wear the chip-bag (there was quite a bun-fight over on Pprune about them, BTW) is that the SD peaked cap is too bulky to stuff in a nav-bag, and a beret makes them look like RAF Regiment.
  13. I can't deny most matelots look sh1t in it. Not built for overweight stokers though.

    There was an Admiral at Northwood who used to wear his cap with his 95 on the grounds that when the navy produced an admiral beret badge he would wear a beret.

    Looked a mong though.

    edited for admiral mong spelling
  14. Could the crabs not decide whether it was shirt sleeve order or not or do they not have same dress regs as the Army.
  15. IIRC Shirt Sleeve order terminates at 1800hrs anyway, so irrespective of time of year, those sleeves come down with the flag. BJ's do have their own way of doing things and if you gripped them for stuff like that, they would probably go on strike. CS95 is a uniform. Uniform means "all the same"