Chip and Pin

Is anyone else having doubts about the alleged enhanced security and for "my peace of mind" that the Chip and Pin machines were supposed to provide? It is so easy to see people entering their pin numbers into the machine, especially if they are elevated on a fixed arm for all those people in the que behind you to see. Had gone back to paying by cheque for everything but now, even when paying by cheque, most outlets still insist I enter my Pin number.

Any suggestions to get round this apart from this 9 1/2 stone woman lugging round large amounts of cash in an area where Gypsies are muscling there way in and boyfriend on enforced outing in sunnier climes?
yep, cover-up the machine when entering yer number...

check yer arcs....

check for loc of overhead cameras, an unscrupulous Sy guard may film your details, prior to passin them onto his mates, Basher, Thrasher and Dave
Buttercup said:
thanks - sorry to appear a bit dense but what does 'arcs' mean?
Dont worry, its a squaddy thing that you woudn't be expected to know. He just means that you should be aware of your surroundings. Use your handbag or body to screen the terminal, and dont be afraid to ask people to give you some room if they are crowding in too closely.
Thanks sandmanfez and goon_bde. Taken on board what you have advised and will use it next time.

Am really trying to pick up the lingo as I go along but you should all come with introductory operational manuals built in as standard if only for navigation purposes for us girls !

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