Chinooks - Opsec?????

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fertman, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. Am I missing something, but doesn't a load of journalists highlighting the fact that there are only 10 operable Chinooks in Sandyplace 1 severely compromise opsec ? Or do they think that there are no Taliban sympathisers in the UK who watch and listen to the media and pass on information to their little pals in theatre?
  2. Its not really a secret in the 1st place.
    Its only called a secret so Gordon can try and dodge awkward questions about how few there are.....
  3. Yes you are missing something.
    I suspect the Taliban living and working outside the bases don't need a newspaper subscription or internet access to count how often helicopters fly in and out and maybe even notice individual distinguishing features.

    Also why should they care?
    Lack of helicopters logically leads to more logistical road moves (requirement for food, ammo and water still remains) which after 4 years of increased british activity in Helmand are probably on reasonably predictable routes, even before one considers legacy mines left over from the Soviets.
    A phone call from the UK (being traceable as well) won't tell them anything they don't observe on a day to day basis.
  4. there are 48... er make that 46, Chinooks. Which is public knowledge.

    Eight of which, (HC3) are not cleared for flying let alone ops. (Yet.) Public knowledge again.

    Odious/DAAv are rotating Wokkas crews on a 5 off for 1 on basis from 3 squadrons. Again thats public knowledge.

    So, 40 divided by 3 = 13.3 theatre cabs max. Assume a few of them are kept back for attrition and your left with 10-11 deployable Wokkas.

    There's no point to quoting Op Sec when the publicly available info paints the picture anyway.
  5. As stated by Jagman, it is only OPSEC when the goberment want to avoid questions!
  6. Thanks SmallBrown, that makes perfect sense. The sad, undeniable fact is that we are utterly underequipped with no signs whatsoever of it getting better. The mad thing is that people suing the MoD for this ( as some are at the moment, and I wouldn't really question the morality of that in itself) and its consequences will not change the situation one iota, and will likely make it worse. Caught between a rock and, er, a sandy place indeed.
  7. wake up...the bad guys know more about our operational capabilities and weaknesses than any HQs...MOD, LAND, PJHQ, etc...those places seem to be clueless on many key issues.
  8. You're missing quite a lot of things...

    1) It is publically announced practice to have a maximum of 1/4 of a particular helicopter fleet deployed on operations. Ignoring the hangar tarts masquerading as HC.3s, until recently, the UK had a fleet of 40 HC.2/2a Chinooks.

    2) The local Afghans already in theatre have Mk.1 eyeball int on the number of helicopters deployed - they don't need an official statement from Ainsworth of the MoD faithfully copied down in invisible ink and delivered by carrier pigeon hot from sympathisers the UK.

    3) The number of helicopters in theatre is only a SECRET to avoid HMG from having to admit the level to which they are (not) resourcing the troops. Remember, when convenient, they'll happily trumpet what they're making available down to the last nut and bolt.

    Need I go on any further?
  9. The standard of journalism is appalling nowadays...


    So, the Chinook shot down was not just a normal Chinook, it was an effing time machine apparently!
  10. Or it was a "trial-fitted" engine? :)
  11. Did you miss my comment about the appalling standard of journalism?
  12. Nope. They already know he's a lying cnut.

    Need I go on any further? :p
  13. It's only OPSEC because Cyclops is rather miffed that everyone knows that the USMC MEU operating alongside us in Helmand have 130 cabs vs our awesome 12 or so for the same number of troops as we do in theatre.
  14. Opsec? Who do you think has a better grasp of what NATO airforces in Afghanistan are up to? The British Gummint or the Taliban? All the latter have to do is -as Billy Joel said: count the rotors. They're not stupid, you know?

    As opposed to the government; who still think that by red taping all info from the 'Stan they can fool the general public.