Chinook Pilot To Receive the DFC

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by tomahawk6, Oct 7, 2012.

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  1. No mention of the Chinook being recovered?
  2. [​IMG]

    'An RAF Regiment gunner provides force protection to Army colleagues during a casualty evacuation in Helmand province, Afghanistan '
  3. Are you sure he's RAF? He comes across in that article as a thoroughly good egg.
  4. Bore off.

    He's ****ing joking you Klampett.
  5. So am I you ****ing bellend. **** off.
  6. Good to have some thought-provoking reasoned arguement on a thread.
  7. Total team effort.The aircrew and the RAF Regiment that provided protection while the bird was on the ground.I hope the other members of the crew received some recognition.
  8. Any helecopter pilot that flies and lands under fire especially to pick up the wounded have earned my deepest respect!
  9. Top bloke. Hope he got billed for the damage to the ac!
  10. One roll of black nastie for tha patching up of!!
  11. Hope he gets a hair before he visits the Palace!!

  12. How many and why? Looks like he has plenty already :)