Chinook over North Wales.

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by datumhead, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. OK Who was it? :wtf:

    Own up! :threaten:

    Very low over Wrexham this afternoon...nearly caused the TW*T in front of me to have an accident when he thought the best way of observing it was to nearly stop in the right lane of the A483....whilst doing 80mph......... :omfg:

    Nice bit of kit mind........ :wink:
  2. It was the RAF
    As this is the Army rumour service i reckon we know no more than that!!!
  3. Ring RAF Valley Air Traffic Control if you have a complaint. They are OBLIGED to take the complaint even if the Chinook wasn't operating anywhere near them.
  4. Probably lost ............
  5. Never trust any aircraft that can have a mid-air colision with itself...

  6. Cant see the RAF doing anything about the driver of a pimped up shitroen twato :D

    ('cept ask for spin)
  7. Was it painted green? Could be one of ours from Odious.

    Ring the station commander and ask, he'll know.
  8. Only the sides, top & bottom. :wink:
  9. Gotta love rubber-neckers... obviously you have excellent reflexes as evidenced that your in enough of one piece to type this Datumhead. :D

    For the record... best way to know a shithook is safe to fly on is when the first man up the ramp busts his butt on hydraulic fluid, long as it's still leaking then the bird is controllable. ;)
  10. :D An excellent start to my day