Chinook Lifts Busted Sea King

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by StumpyHussar, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Nice clip of the crabs doing their job on a broken chopper. Must be quite straight foorward lift for the big bird this, would've been a bit more entertaining if they'd used bungee ropes :D

    BBC Linky
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Do much aircraft recognition?
  3. Err - a bit of aircraft recognition failure there - its a Sea King - not a Wessex.
  4. edited for being too slow
  5. Or reading.....
  6. They were all Wessex in my day, Nurse wheres me tablets :oops:
  7. (Beeb Pic)


    Sea King:


  8. SAy what you like a Crab Air but they do have some bloody good piloets. Not bad when they only get two hours a year to practice.
  9. Busted, it's missing it's bloody rotor blades, what an oversight that was by the crew :lol:

    Being serious though, i used to love seeing the chinooks carrying all sorts of stuff around, i've seen them move helicopters before for air days and so on, it's a great workhorse.
  10. Lifting it isn't really the issue here.

    Flying straight and level with it attached is not an easy task. Putting it down without breaking it further is an even bigger one.

    Good skills though.
  11. Watched them do the very same job out of Shaiba a while back after one of them over-cooked the old 'flare' at landing and used the tail rotor as a means of sweeping the pad - loads of very excited crabs running around that day I can tell you.

    Good to watch though - both the initial accident and the recovery some days later.............
  12. When 'Crabs' do this sort of thing it is a major event. When the Royal Navy do it, it is just a normal day and then 'two thirds all round'.

    I accidentally dumped a Scout AH1 on an uninhabited island off the Pearl River. Eight crab Wessex lived twenty miles away, but, it was Friday afternoon - ergo, no Wessex available.

    Luckily, a Royal Navy Sea King was 'hanging about' and, with the rotors of the Scout removed and stowed inside the Sea King, it took the 'Queen of the Skies' back to Sek Kong with a minimum of fuss.

    Some talk about it and some do it. Guess which is which.
  13. So the one doing the lifting is the Chinook?

    Who's piloting the blades at the back?
  14. I doubt very much whether the Wessex would have had that much lift, especially in warm weather. The SK is much more powerful, hence why it has been SAR for so long. You bitter and twisted little chod.