Chinook experiences

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Vicenza, Dec 20, 2005.

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  1. Excellent and very similar to the brief given to me on a pre-RCB visit when boarding a Gazelle. The impact of the "don't touch nuffink numb nuts" brief by the aircrewman was somewhat lost when he then proceeded to pull the emergency release on the door, muttered "Oh ****" and the pilot had to shut down, get out and put the offending door back on, as the A/c had completely lost it by now...
  2. here it is to save you trawling through all that dribble:

  3. "and dont touch nothing"

    Ouch a double negative, could cause mayhem!!
  4. FF

    "Trawling through all that dribble??"

    If you know of a better collection of pictures showing working mil and civvy cabs posted by jocks from all over the world, please post a link because I'd be interested to see it.

    I've never come across anything even close to that collection.
    All the others are crappy spotters pics of static cabs at airshows.

  5. IRRC from my school days (along time ago), a double negative is a no-no. For a long time I had a similar for the back of my helmet....simply said "In case of emrgency, RUN LIKE F**K!" Found myself in trouble for that on a couple of occasions. Senior officers tended to get the joke, I have always found the problem to be middle-majors who try to think for senior officers. Humourless bunch.
  6. I believe that is why the site known as PPRUNE exists, this however is the Army RumouR SitE.
    The original post was about the photo which has since been posted by me so that people who dont want to trawl through a 'collection of pictures showing working Mil and civvy cabs posted by jocks from all over the world' dont have to. People who do want to look at those interesting pics can join the PPRUNE or This similar site depending on which 'cabs' theylike to look at.
  7. Years ago, on exercise in Brecon, someone who should have known better decided to move our Mortar Platoon by Scout. This followed the 'get on - get off' brief on a Chinook, a number of which moved the rest of the battalion. We squeezed into the little choppers with our baseplates, barrels, bipods and all the other gubbins. One bloke (who was also about 6' 13' tall) got in the front seat with a mortar barrel and poked it out of the window.
    The Scouts heaved off the ground and buzzed about SENTA and started doing dummy drops. After a couple of these, the pilot gave the thumbs up and the blokes started squeezing out of the chopper. The tall No2 in the front seat couldnt find the door handle so the pilot said ' Just pull the red handle!'. One second later, the Scout shot up in the air as the confused Tom pulled the collective!, this catapulted one of the MFCs off the skid with a perfect somersault, landing him on back, on his bergen!.
    The pilot, somewhat perplexed at this stage, regained control and quickly landed the helicopter. 'Get out of my f*cking helicopter!!' he said, so we did!. Apparently, the imposter Mortar-pilot is now a copper in the Met, no names, no pack drill Frenchie!
  8. Back in the mists of time, we were flying light gun under SHITHOOK.

    The loadie having carefully briefed the troops about emplaning & deplaning, including the crucial "watch out for the big hole in the floor" bit, was amazed and amused to see Bdr "Skeletor" run on and drop straight through the aforesaid hole, until stopped by his webbing at about chest level.

    From the outside, all I could see were his legs kicking, followed by the loadie falling off the ramp laughing.
  9. Same hole, low flying around Salisbury. A/C banks and off comes a certain Airtroopers helmet which rolls down the middle towards the hole, A/C straightens and helmet stops short of the opening! This goes on for a few minutes, helmet back and forth towards the opening whilst we all wet ourselves watching in anticipation as the lad kaks himself! It didn't fall out, unfortunately, and he's a barrister now!
  10. Watched one drop a towed Rapier and 1 Tonne LR once - that was hilarious, watching the rapier explode into bits as it hit the deck and the 1 tonner almost disappear in the soft ground.........

    Then I realised it was one of my Battery's and I'de have to inspect the fekker!
  11. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Salisbury plane 1986 RX cabin underslung chinook gets a gear problem and the rotars go out of sync. The pilot drops the Cabin from about 400 foot and My boss and I stand there and watch as it crashes into the ground. what started out the day as a 6 foot 5 inch tall cab ended up about 28 inches tall and no longer square. Funny thing was the amount of kit that was on there that was written off would have filled about three cabs.
  12. On Telic 1 , they were trying to make up there mind either a heli-bourne assault or amphibious , our heaviest wagon was a Samson so as an experiment along comes a Chinook to have a crack at lifting it with all its kit on . Chinook powered up with the CVR(T) attached .Then a load of grinding noises followed by the rear rotors skimming the sand and the pilot dropping the Reme wagon
    on its side . The Chinook landed safely but it was written off for a few days and the pilot requested a few moments by himself . So that was the end of the heli-bourne assault idea . We ended up driving on to the AL-FAW.
  13. Down the Falklands in 1993, doing FTX with PWRR. Skimming the sea between East and West Falkland when rear power auxiliary unit failed. This I am told has synchronisation issues with rotors!! Anyway - loadmaster immediately cuts cargo nets and lets all the bergans fly out of rear into the sea. When we recovered them all the PWRR boys realised that all those sealable bags I had put my kit in were a good idea after all!!! Try drying wet kit down there!!!!!!
  14. Doing an (Illegal) 16 way jump at 10000 feet from the back of a chinnook at Bad Lippspringe Parachute Centre in 1987. I was on the staff and had not qualified to do such a jump but the boss let me anyway. Firkin Awsome. Told to pop my chute after 30 seconds. One of the guys had his reserve popped by his mate just after we deployed. It was freezing and as it was a round reserve conopy them days, it took forever to get down. laugh.......... All we heard was Twaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat we speedily decended below him. He was not best pleased. He wasn't best warm either.

    Happy days