Chinook Cab down in Afghan.

Sorry,it's the Scum...

Glad Johnny's ok & the are no other cas.

A CHINOOK helicopter has crashed in Afghanistan, seriously injuring a Gurkha.

The £30million chopper's rotor blades hit a lookout tower as it tried to make a night-time resupply to a Forward Operating Base.
The collision is understood to have demolished a wall next to where the Gurkha was sleeping.
Comrades dug through the rubble for more than half an hour to get him out.
He was given life-saving first aid before being airlifted to Camp Bastion.
The pilot battled to land the badly damaged helicopter outside the walls of the FOB in Helmand's Upper Gareshk Valley.
It is understood the Chinook crew and other soldiers on the ground were unhurt.
A source said: "Losing a Chinook is a worst-case scenario."
It is common for FOBs to be resupplied in the dark as helicopters make less of a target. Pilots routinely fly with night vision goggles and accidents are rare.
I wonder whether the cab is damaged repairable or has been destroyed? The article doesn't make it clear and the A source said: "Losing a Chinook is a worst-case scenario." comment is so vague that I suspect it means 'we've made this up' by the Sun.

Edited to add for clarity I meant they'd made the comment up not the story!
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Reading the BFBS report,it seems the Chinook was recovered,so is very unlikely to be a write-off.

An unscheduled visit to Fleetlands for repair is probable,though.In which case,a replacement will most probably be shipped out from Odiham.

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