Chinook 1, Motorbike 0 ( where any regs broken and will i loose out?)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Reme_dave, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, i hope iv posted this in the right place.
    My motorbike was parked on the square where it should of been, and without any warning a chinook landed on the square and sent my bike for a tumble. there is at least a grands worth of damage to my bike. i have given my CSM a statement and photographs to send up the chain.

    apparently it was meant to land at the HLS a mile away and no one (at least at my level) was informed or warned

    The general idea from the lads is that i will loose out here so i need as much ammo as i can, is there a proper route to take for such a problem if my chain of command dont want to help? and does any one know if any (or how many) rules/laws/regs were broken?

    the way i look at it is an employer has damaged a employees vehicle, right?

    any help is much appreciated
  2. I'm afraid you'll probably find there is small print somewhere that states that "NO RESPONSIBILITY IS EXCEPTED ETC...) check your vehicle pass, or where the pass was issued from.
  3. I reckon your QM will know the answer, after a lot of lemon sucking.
    Shame about the bike, but what would one expect from Crab Air?
  4. Civ Pol is the way to go, ignore the CoC.
  5. Got any piccies?
    I can't help you, but I do revel in schadenfreude.
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  6. Go to ur insurance company, let their lawyers do it. Was bike legally parked as in pt1 orders or a car (bike) pass saying so?

  7. Civ Pol will only get involved if invited on to camp by the CO (unless there is a death, then they have automatic right of entry to MoD establishments) and I doubt that is going to happen. Try MoD Plod if you have them on camp.
  8. So the OP has to kill himself?
  9. or the chinook's crew.
  10. Was yours the only Vehicle damaged?
  11. Take pictures. Fill out an accident claim. Send it all to the insurance company.

    Let them sort it out, thats what you pay them for.
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  12. I'll await it's blog post
  13. thank you all for the advise so far, il take as much as i can get. is there a number i can ring like citizen advice but military type?

    i dont want to kill my self to get civ pol round, would possibly throttle crew if seen tho lol

    bike was legally parked and nothing on parking pass about no responsibility etc.

    would upload pics for the sadistic types but not working, think there to big?
  14. I'd give you a serious answer but my eyes are ******* bleeding after trying to read your attempt at writing English.
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  15. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    ask to see the camp public liabilty insurance certificate and make a note of the provider and the number then claim off that.
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