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Chinny caught in bed with his mum!!

Oh and rumour has it after a dining out night people awoke at a house to find Chinnys mouth inches away from another mans crutch!! Can you confirm that you witnessed this Knocker??
Sorry to break this all up lads, but Ronnies a bit dislexic! It was HIS MUM who I was caught in bed with!!!! It was obviously so traumatic, he has blanked it all out of his tiny mind!!! lol
If I remember correctly, his dad was holding the camera!!! I would have asked Ron to hold it, but his hand is all week and crippled after he stabbed himself in the arm with a leathermans!!! lol
Ronnie, all you had to do was tell the Tp Sgt that you couldn't hack it in the C3S Tp and he would have gladly sent you to the ration store for a break! But you do insist on doing things the hard way mate!

Oh dear I think there is a bit of tank envy going on here!! you are jelous that we had something to keep us warm and dry while you were wet and cold!!
frankyfatfingers said:
I had heard that Ron the Jeremy Beadle hand had contracted aids from the Cyral Sneer want to be! Is it true I alway knew chinney was a bit strange! Woof woof
Cyril Sneer wanna be?? who is that chinney?

ron has got a jeremy beadle hand!!! hahahaah it's all true!!
Cyral Sneer was that wierd bird that Jeremy Beadle fell in love with with the pink hair and the whole regiment had a ride on! Lets play the how long to wind up Chinney game! 2 days??
oh do you remember my stereo game with the chinnster!! hahahahah turn it up full bass on and see how long it took to come in!! hahaha and that time we papermached him in his room!! ahhaha those were the days!!
How about the day we turned the room completely upside down? You missed a good one as we were preparing to go on op telic we had a OC room inspection so we decided as Poo pong Mcjock was not present to cover his whole bedspace in naked men from all our precious porn mags. The Oc was quite worried about His sexuality

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