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  1. Crucial GP as it was last year too.

    So, we have Hamilton on pole with both Ferraris taking 2nd and 3rd and Alonso 5th on the grid.

    Probably a shitty position for Lewis to be in (bar being on pole of course).

    I suppose he feels like a tasty bird walking back from a night club with three chavs following him wanting to gang rape his pert little arse. 8O

    Any predictions? Can Lewis keep his head and hold off the FIA oops, sorry the Ferraris? Will Alonso keep true to his word and settle the championship by taking Hamilton out? Or who can think of a special new way the FIA can concoct an obscure rule or just make one up to ensure Ferrari come out on top?
  2. I thought this was going to be a rant about your doctor.
  3. I call Hamilton though Alonso will try to play dodgems. Renault maybe a pair of dark horses especially if it all goes wrong on the first corner.

    ........though the secret deal to punish others to the benefit of the prancing Italian horse may still produce a surprise.

    Can I just say that I am keen to know, in the Biblical sense, 'Lofty' Ecclestone's wife?
  4. Quick message for Lewis "DONT FCUK IT UP!"
  5. He's done that before, all he has to do is watch his arrse.
  6. If all those directly behind him are trying to trip him up. Then I would have a word (if I was Lewis), with his best mate (Sutil). Let Lewis pass then make the Force India about 18 feet wide and a mobile obstical.
    Sutil has a number of scores to settle the prancing donkeys.

    Glad Webber got demoted, perhaps he should wind his neck in, and shut the fcuk up, and get on with racing.
  7. I think he will be very conscious of being able to wrap the championship at this race but he must play the slightly longer game. Going for an all out win on the first lap will surely end in tears. I'll bet Ferrari/FIA will be hoping Hamilton will go all out straight off and hurt himself. He needs to play clever and just ensure he at leasts finishes in front of Massa. No doubt the nightmares of last years Chinky GP will be at the front of his mind and hopefully he can demonstrate he is actually worthy of being a world champion.
  8. Not just me then.
  9. Schumi, was very good at tactical races, he knew he couldn't win. If one team was far ahead of him, then third it was and watch out for mistakes in front.
    Alonso (hack spit), is also very good at this, at this level nowadays, talent is not good enough. Mansell was never the fastest, but would out think his opponents.
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    get it up you you ferrari twats!!!

    * waits for news that FIA declares hamiltons win null and void as he wasnt in a ferrari as he crossed the finish line *
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    A great win for Hamilton. All he needs now is a place of 5th or better in Brazil for the Championship. Going to be a fantastic last weekends racing.
  12. Thought Hamilton was going to take the title today, but dominated it none the less with a 16 second lead. Unlucky for Kovie once again so no team title next week unless a miracle happens. Another display at Brazil like today and i'll be happy. Very happy. :D
  13. I dont think I've ever seen such miserable looking people stood on a podium. :D :D :D (Well, two of them anyway.)

    Well done Hamilton. DS solution of a race.
  14. Beautifully driven. Not overly exciting,but it doesn't have to be. Well driven Lewis, now just waiting for the FIA ruling :roll:
  15. Surely the 2nd place for massa was illegally gained. I know there was no team orders but cmon i bet if hiekki was to give up 8 odd seconds for lewis there would be murmours from ferrari.. or am i being parinoid lol..... all in all though Lewis outclassed ferrari totally and they know it. roll on Brasil... that could be very interesting if the Stewards are called in to play being Massa's Home GP and All

    :twisted: Cr33p :twisted: