Chinglese invade Belgium - Assist required


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I am quite at a loss as to how to respond to this kind and erudite invitation. Wondered if anybody had any suggestions?

Dear Sir (Iron),

We know yours products and the quality of them and It is why we think that yours products must be known by everyone in the security sector in Belgium.

We organize for the first times “SECURIPOL Belgium 2008” from the 14th to 16th October 2008 at the “Halles des Foires de Liège” on 15 000 m².
(Liège is an great site between the Netherlands, Germany and France!)

This show devotes to the department of security like; police force, surveillance, monitoring and lot of the others service of security. SECURIPOL LIEGE is reserved to the persons in charge for the sector of the police force, monitoring, safety, and medical staff.

All the police stations, fire stations, services ambulance men will be informed of this demonstration. The Chief of police force, Head of the State Major of the Belgian Army and politicians will be invited.
Products offer: Transportation, protection equipments and personal clothes; communications, computer Hardware, and video equipment; Security equipment and weaponry; identification and detector equipment (Fire alarm...); Traffic control and road transport equipment; various materials and equipments.

We try to have the most different products; therefore we ensure as well as possible the exclusiveness in each one to promote these products without strong competition.
It’s an ideal place for suppliers, colleagues, consultants, users of security products and services and to contract. It will be the moment to impose you on the market of the Belgian police force!

Please find enclosed our prospectus of presentation.
Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.

Yours faithfully
Bozzelli Nathalie
Sales Manager

Got a similar one from a nice man, who used to be the govenor of Africa, apparently he has 2.5 million and wants to give most of it to me, although he hasnt got enough to get to the bank in the UK to get it out?

so Ive sent him £3500 to fly him to London, we meet this weekend in Covent Garden!

I'm wee weeing with excitement!
arby said:
whays with the aging rent boy in the suit?
Who cares who he is, I'm wondering why he chose to draw a crappy goatie on himself with a wax crayon?

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