Chinese Up to Old Tricks Again

AndyPipkin said:
Interesting that the US ship asked a 'Chinese government vessel' for help.

Do you think they should have 'commanded' rather than 'asked'?
More whining by the Yanks that "big boys games, big boys rules" shouldn't apply to them. If the Chinese sent similar vessels to troll around CONUS you'd see a lot more than just fishing boats turn up to have a look.

Indeed, remember the Yankee that sank off Bermuda ? There is some debate over the role of the harrassing US SSN in the loss; there is no debate over the fact that it rammed a Delta shortly afterwards and wrecked its bow. Being double-hulled the Delta got away with just a dent.
I think the website name being spelled 'Defense' rather indicates a lack of impartiality in this case. No mention of the US vessels being up to their old tricks, is there?

Would a Xinhua piece be given the same credence?

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