Chinese troops in Sudan

At lunch time I read in the Sunday Telegraph, while scoffing my roast beef and yorkshire, that China has 4,000 troops stationed in Sudan to protect the oil fields supplying China with oil.
The artical made the point that this was the reason why The Chinese will veto any Securiry Council motions aganst sudanese Government intrests.


They've got a big oil interest in that region. I'm sure the SPAMS are keeping an eye on them. Wonder what's in it for the Sudanese? Strange bedfellows.
Yes, but as far as I understand this story had to be withdrawn, because it was proven to be false. This is why I´m now interested in the new story.

See Chinese in Sudan
David Hale, an economist who specializes in Chinese affairs, said in a recent speech that China has deployed about 4,000 troops to southern Sudan. The troops are there to protect an oil pipeline, Mr. Hale said.

The Chinese presence was first disclosed by South African government officials who told Mr. Hale about the troops during a recent visit to South Africa.

Mr. Hale said the Chinese troops represent a new concern about China. Beijing, starved for energy resources, is likely to become an expansionist power in the coming years as a way to gain access to oil and gas reserves. In addition to Africa, future energy-related targets for Beijing could include the Russian Far East, which is growing increasingly isolated from central Russia and Southeast Asia, where China, in the past, has made military moves in the South China Sea, where oil and gas deposits are believed to be held.

A U.S. government official familiar with intelligence reports confirmed that there are Chinese in Sudan. However, the official could not confirm that 4,000 Chinese troops are there.

The reported Chinese troop presence in Sudan follows an Internet report several years ago that there were 700,000 Chinese troops in Sudan. That report proved to be false."



That report was found to be false. Just the number 700,000 should have sent up red flags. There are some Chinese troops/security guards guarding oil facilities but the numbers are not really known, but it certainly
isnt more than a thousand.
Ok, it is argued that the oil workers, who all have done their national service in the Chinese Army, can easily be armed and used as a military force in Sudan. Apparently the Sudanese government also receives plenty of Chinese arms shipments.

700,000 troops, the Torygraph is laughable.
I worked in the Unity and Heglig areas beside the Chinese National Petroleum Corporation a few years ago; they were not particularly impressed by the quality of protection offered by the Sudanese Army for their seismic teams (who operated on the exploratory side of operations in the more out-of-the-way and dodgy places) and neither was I. In view of their planned massive expansion in the country, it would make perfect sense to import their own guardforces. I can certainly see it happening at the wellhead and administrative installations as well as the pipeline to the port facility, and the numbers needed would be in the thousands, even then, to do the job properly. In the intervening years I believe they've expanded operations considerably.
It is very unusual for Chinese to deploy troop oversea. As the centre government do not trust soldier over there. And it is also logiscally diffcult for them. I think one should take such report with a punch of salt. The idea of arming oil workers didn't make sense neither, as the no. of people actually done national service in the past 30 years is very small.
I wouldn't be too surprised if they had sent a contingent. Southern Sudan doesn't have too many fleshpots to tempt the party faithful. While I was there, the seismic teams were sending their guys on R&R to Mombasa, which may have been a cultural shock to some of them, but they all came back (probably with heavy loads of syphilis and other choice testicular treats, mind you).
It was generally accapted that Cambodia's boom in the Sex trade came from the UN involvement, Hiv Aids went from zero to rampant and not just from the dirty squaddies, the well paid civvys do the most damage, zero disipline.
Do like dicussing dieses of the Willy first thing of a morning.

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