Chinese troops in Iran, US troops in Israel


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As yet unsubstantiated but very interesting, WW3 or Cold War 2

China is considering setting up military bases and possibly deploying forces in the Middle East over the next decade as a means of protecting its access to strategic materials, especially oil, and sizeable investments in various Arab countries, according to a report from Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.

Chinese soldiers headed to Middle East?

And with the Americans also getting in on the game

The US military is preparing a massive military campaign against Iran, sending thousands of American troops, warships and weaponry to Israel.

PressTV - 'US deploys troops in Israel for Iran war'
Isn't this the same Joseph Farah who clung so desperately to the "Obama isn't really American" shtick even after it became discredited?
If this is the sort of thing we're posting, I have a link somewhere of Russia Today saying that Russia's better than anyone else...
Don't dismiss Chinese ambitions so easily.

They have done a deal with the Burmese and have a Naval base there, they also have a SIGINT base on the Coco Islands monitoring India, they are due to be building a new port in Sri Lanka (a communist country) with the intention of using it as a Naval base.

The Chinese are very pally with Pakistan (the Pakistan nuclear capability was born with Chinese help), Chinese troops are in the Pakistan Kashmir to maintain a corridor to Afghanistan and the eastern Indian ocean. Basically they have ringed India where there is no love lost between the two.

India is pally with Russia, buying their military equipment, India is desperate to have a viable carrier force, and has launched its first Strategic Nuclear Missile submarine.

Likelihood for a shooting war and Mumbai turning to radioactive dust?

Also been hearing long term talk that India may descend into a Balkans type scenario and end up being lots of mini states with a free for all.

The Chinese are also at work in the Caribbean, certainly on Antigua, which is why Canada wants to take over one of the British Caribbean Territories, so they can 1. counter the Chinese threat 2. Start Interdiction themselves on the drug trade in the area which ends up on Canadian streets. Canada isn't likely to get one of our Islands but you would have thought HMG would have have some SIGINT capability on Grand Cayman or BVI. Are the Septics going to be happy China is playing in their backyard?
Talking about JJH, has he posted recently?? I know he was getting better but I haven't noticed anything from him lately.....
Talking about JJH, has he posted recently?? I know he was getting better but I haven't noticed anything from him lately.....
He is feeling better and is posting again. Several posts this week and sent me a nice New Year PM.
Cheers David
Obviously I don't inhabit all the threads that he does :)

I did do a search but couldn't find anything beyond September of last year.

Glad to see he's OK....pass on my regards, if you will


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