Chinese Troop Movements At NK Border (Again)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Nov 24, 2004.

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  1. From the JoongAng Daily, 24 November 2004:

    "Satellite surveillance photos indicate that a 10,000-man Chinese army division is making preparations for a prolonged deployment along the Chinese-North Korean border..."

    This is attributed, by "analysts," to the possibility of "abrupt political change that could include the downfall of the North's leader, Kim Jong-il."

    "Chinese Troops Set Up Camp On North's Border."
  2. Hope they wait until spring it's cold there now 8O
  3. Anyone have any substance to this talk of regime change? Hang on, thats my job... D'oh.
  4. [quote="eye_spy"You can run and you CAN hide]quote]

    Elementary, my dear ES. Osama bin Basta*d's been doing it for three years. 8)
  5. Regime change brought about by another famine now winter is on the way?

    Quote from Condy Rice's 2iC within the NSA when she was asked about NK:

    "We don't what to deal with him, he's a nut."

    Thats foreign policy advice for you. She was very good looking though.
  6. No wonder you use that name! 8O :D
  7. The Chinese government categorically denied this report.

    "Deputy Foreign Minister Wu Dawei said: 'Such reports are completely groundless. After reading these people will think it's true and this is extremely dangerous.'"

    Mr. Wu also spoke about conditions within North Korea, stating: "The political situation is stable, the economy is developing. The leaders are engaged in reforms of the economy and living standards are improving considerably compared to before."

    "China Denies Troop Build-Up" 25 November 2004,5942,11492222,00.html
  8. Said the Chairman on the eve of Tiannamen Square.
  9. Which son likes Big Macs, Coca-Cola and the World series?
  10. While regime change in North Korea would be welcomed by the people ,
    the mechanic's of any change cannot happen without the involvement of either the security apparatus or the army.