Chinese thread shite

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by johnboyzzz, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. wha you wha
  2. Soa finga wi diss??
  3. Wuudie!!!

    You een Embra No?? Yo get wong end o le stick!!!

    Borrocks to you!!
  4. Before this thread diglesses...

    I take the piish only because;

    I have velly velly close flends from the "Oriental" community.

    I speak Japanese and can fwuentwy emballass myself in Cantonese as well.

    They can't drink worth toffee by the way, they lack an enzyme appallently.

    As Master Po said " Gofukk yoosell lound eye!!"
  5. That Kung was Foo!! Noa his faw, he naw noa wo he doo!! He too foo!!

    BuckFass Jimmee we caw heem!!!
  6. He may have meant it, but did they? Boom tish!!

    Sorry S'alah'din.. :D
  7. Sorry Jarrod but "Wahn day off only!!" means they onny get wan day off.

    This sound wike Manday, soo Manday off!!!

    Not only Mandy, the lassie behind the counter that is "aww fay" (as the frogs say) with the local vernacular, but we aw off on Manday!!!

    No time faw AyKays!! Too beezy Mah Jong!!!
  8. Jenolite?? Jenowite noa awowed!!!
  9. Cheers Man een da Stweet!!!

    Dat soa had toby dunn!!! Doaz owd Joaks ahh fakkn pwice-wess!

    Hoape yu noa step een dog dwoppings!! If do, pweez send bakk, hmmm.. bakk weggs ova cookd, no wunda feh off!!

    Doaz bakk weggs foa my dinna!! Fah betta dan peegs twottahs I ashoo yu!!!

    Eef noa find - no wa-wee, I go Baaga-King!!

    Gawd bwess!!
  10. So welly tlue! I went to an international school where the majority of pupils were Oriental and on a field trip some of them were doing Heineken shots. When we managed to get served in town they'd be shitfaced after one 500ml glass of beer.
  11. I see what you did there!!

    Nice :D

    The Chinese Elvis was wobbed at the Wowld Champ wihonn chips!!

    Weetaan to Senda!!!

    Bwuu Swayed Choos!!

    Lock n Loll Baby!!!!!!
  12. Sorry Cup of Cha!!

    Poor Comms here at times, will try sending this again (type, type,type..)

    Sakamoto Kyu (9th Sakamoto child) great male 70's singer, revered in Japan.

    Lots of songs on Ya-Tube!! (Jock in joke there) but his most famous in the West is "Ue O Muite Ariku" better known as "Sukiyaki" here. it knocked lesley gore's "It's my party" off the No. 1 spot in 1963 I think?..

    Ishida Ayumi is great too, brilliant 70's female singer..

    This needs a separate thread TBH...

    Hope this sends this time....
  13. Thanks Sparky. I know the Sukiyaki one, egad I think its been in about 250 Chinese themed commercials since it came out! Good idea about the thread. I think I'll do that when I can be arsed unless you beat me to it.