Chinese protestor mars Mr Hus state visit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frenchperson, Apr 20, 2006.

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    '...After shouting for several minutes, she was led away'

    I trust that following the recent Venezuelan egg throwing incident involving the US Ambassador's limousine, and the ensuing request from the US for an apology including a Venezuelan admission of a breach of the Vienna Diplomatic Treaty, that any similar request from Mr Hu's entourage in relation to this incident will be honoured.
  2. What would you say if Amrican police detain Mr.Hu just near White House, frisk him, ask questions (for example: what race he belongs to, why he come to USA...)

    You could say that it is unthinkable. Well, not mr.Hu but let's consider a prominent Chinese politician that arrived to Washington according to an invitation by the Congress. Moreover policmen detain him while he is accompanied by an official from State's Department that confirmed his high diplomatic status.

    Once again you could say that it is absolutely impossible. But something that is impossible in USA is possible in the UK

    Mr.Hu! Met.police is waiting for you in London!
  3. Sergey, do be brief, it happened in July 2004.

    What about Karl Bushby, he just went for a long walk and got kicked out of russia.

    I liked the way that old bushybabe manhandled Hu.
  4. Hi!

    As I'm aware Mr.Bushby hasn't diplomatic immunity, he hasn't been invited by Russian parliament. Moreover he apparently violated Russian law about the state border. Place where the pair could lawfully enter Russian Federation was well known to them. The tourists have exellent navigational equipment. Going in the wrong direction they knew about it pretty well. One can ask a natural question: what if they were asked (by someone in Alaska) to check how Russian border is being guarded in a specific region.
  5. How many protesters constitute a marring? Obviously just the one.

    I bet he still gets his duty frees, didn't mar that.
  6. I agree. On a scale of 1 to 10, the marring of duty frees would be a definite 10 and would constitute a 'diplomatic incident'
  7. She was protesting peacefully (albeit in a restricted area), whereas the venzuelans threw projectiles (albeit eggs) at the US Ambassador.

    Big difference.

    The paper she works for made a public appology, that should be enough.
  8. I don't think anybody looked marred and she was lead away unlike the poor sod at the Labour Conference.

    Now that was some good marring but by the security staff.
  9. I haven't read Pravda for months. I didn't realize things between Russia and Georgia were in such a bad state. It's a shame, Georgians are great people...well except for Stalin and Beria.

    What concerns me about the protester is that everyone is worried about what an affront she commited and no one is worried about her, justifiable, charges of persecution of the Falun Gong by the Chinese. A sad state of priorities.
  10. The American ambassador decided to visit a poor district of Venezuelan capital without notification of authorities. And agree eggs are not bullets.,2933,161539,00.html

  11. Hi Virgil!

    You don't like Pravda (=truth)? Well

    Radio Liberty is being funded by the American Congress.

    As for the chines woman... Do you agree that there is a lot of those who (softly speaking) dislike mr.Bush. No doubt that during the summit of G8 this summer they will not be allowed to express their opinions.

    Georgia... Alas, their pres.Saakashvili stays on openly anti-Russian positions.

    Btw, relations between USA and Cuba are in such a bad state (for the very long period). It's a shame, Cubans are great people ...well except for...
  12. I didn't say that I didn't like Pravda, but that I hadn't read it in a while. They've changed their layout I see. I'm ambivalent about Radio Liberty's continued exsitence, but they do provide good newsletters on the political news in the countries of the former Soviet Union.
  13. Sergey,

    Have you ever listened to and do you have any opinion on the BBC world service? I've listened to it on occasions and found it to be very even and fair, but then I'm British so its difficult to tell.

    Personally I often browse the al-jazera website (Hated by Arab dictator and Republicans alike!) makes for interesting reading.
  14. IT-guy. (the real AJ) is actually a pretty good website with some interesting articles. Do NOT confuse with, which is basicall a collection of anti-american/israeli conspiracy theories even the average arrser would have trouble beleiving.
  15. And now she's going to be charged.